Most often than not, leaders especially learned ones in their quest or pursuit for power leave the substance to pursue shadows. This aphorism applied to a recent publication in one of our newspaper editions which was reporting on matters of public interest not to disparage any individual but someone, somewhere used that opportunity to vent anger or bottled up non existing animosity on the publisher of the Community Watchdog Newspaper.
The person as a lawyer ought to have known that Newspapers are published by limited liability companies and that news reports do not convey his opinion, as well opinions or commentaries are bonafide property of their authors. When matter of public interest is reported or commented on by the public, it is not wise making it personal to either a reporter or even the publisher simply because his name is one of the media or is known by name. We are not at war with anyone neither do we have any axe to grind with any person. Opinions are sacred and private, provided they don’t infringe on other peoples rights.
We are not partisan, politicians but we have interest in the activities of all parties as watchdogs of the society for these political parties operate within the circle of our state and nation. We have a sacred duty to point out when things go wrong and laud the good points. There have been hues and cries on bad governance in the state occasioned by wrong choice of leaders based on poor perceptions or wrong information to the electorate. We would not want our leaders to adopt those measures and stances that have led our masses into great calamities and gnashing of teeth.
Recently, we observed some of our politicians and political parties adopting and displaying those old fashioned, unprogressive style of politics that helped to produce bad leaders. It is time for our leaders to forget this campaign with stomach infrastructure and antiquated godfatherism. Politicians should have learnt after 50 years of independence and 18 years of democratic rule that election is not war but a game of wits. Parties canvass and win votes based on their manifestoes and proposed workable development plans or people oriented programmes. The era of miscreants, 419ners and noveau rich doling out peanuts to delegates and electorate to win their votes is gone.
Recently, we noticed the practice of doling out cars and other gift items to party faithful to win their support. It has happened in the ruling party APC, APGA, PDP and others led by the incumbent Governor who donated 16 vehicles to LGA leaders who are loyal to his cause. This was observed by other parties including the powerful PDP. We raised a question that should the PDP as one of the major opposition parties in the state adopt the style of the ruling party and go back to the same acts that earned them bad image or name – share the money.
If we adopt this vehicle distribution formula to some selected stakeholders, what do you think will be the reaction of those who don’t benefit from the largess? It is time we allowed internal democracy to reign. It is time to let the people to choose their leaders based on merit and their pedigree, not based on cash, car or house gifts of ill gotten or unknown source of wealth. At this age and time, party leaders should know and adopt new approach to their campaigns to give us credible leadership. Any learned political leader of our time should be on the vanguard of good practices, governance and conversion by truth not by coercion, bribery or corruption which has been our undoing in the past. PDP should stand on a new pedestal for the battle ahead of 2019.
It is not in our character to join issues with persons or groups. Advice is not an insult and going through the recent publication sponsored by the state Chairman of PDP, he ought to know whom to address his vexation . Our advice is that no party in a democratic setting wins election through touting. Secondly, we expect the leadership of the party in a decent clime to appreciate our spotting their shortcomings of trying to cheapen such serious human problem like governance and trivializing serious issues that affect the larger society applying the old order of gifts of cars or other items. We have gone beyond that.
In this season, Governor Wike has done it, Rochas also did same as well as Alagbaso hence we ask, should the PDP as the opposition adopt the same style and programme when there is clamour for a change of government and manifesto or plan to correct the myriads of ills affecting the populace by way of bad governance. To be in a position to form an alternate government, we ought to negate this car gift syndrome which gives nonentities edge over serene minds with better ideology and manifesto with programmes to affect the lives of our people and society.
It is high time we eschewed godfatherism and apply true democracy for the benefit of all. There is no need attacking, maligning or insulting persons with divergent views or opinions from our own. No bitterness!!.