As a vibrant, assertive, energetic, fearless, awe inspiring, bold and visionary young leader, he has been a source of inspiration to many, both young and old who admire him for these innate qualities that make him stand out anytime, anywhere. His unassailable leadership traits have taken him to places and made him great beyond the imagination of both friends and foes. This very young man who is far ahead of his time reminds one of the great Zik of Africa who started his activism as a very young man and made indelible footprints on the sands of time. It was a race against time but it paid off as it made the young Zik a household name the world over. Today, we have a young man that is toeing the same path and will surely go places the way the great Zik did.

Comrade Nwadike with Former Governor of Imo,Chief Achike Udenwa

Comrade Precious Uwadikaechere Nwadike, the quintessential youth leader that has bestrodden our horizon like a colossus has seen it all. At an age when the vast majority of our youths are still struggling to find their feet in a world that is full of uncertainties, he has already carved a niche for himself on all fronts. A saying has it that some are born great while others achieve greatness. In the third category are those who have greatness thrust upon them. Comrade Precious Nwadike has undoubtedly achieved greatness and at a very young age too. This great son of Umudiatu, Orlu autonomous community have all it takes to be a leader and deserves the support of both the elders and youths in whatever capacity he desires to serve his people. This is because he will surely deliver.

Though a strong critic of President Buhari’s administration for obvious reasons, I am a staunch supporter of the not too young to run bill which he signed into law on Thursday, May 31st 2018. Today, the not too young to run law is the hottest topic in our political horizon because of its impact on the polity in the area of youth empowerment. Without doubt, this bill that was passed by the national assembly, on July 2017, waiting for the president’s assent will change the lives of many of our youths whose desire to contribute their quota to the development of their people and the nation has over the years been hampered by the age factor.

Comr Nwadike leading a good governance rally in Owerri with Charley Boy Oputa

The intention of Comrade Precious Uwadikaechere Nwadike to join the senate race of Orlu Zone is borne out of the desire of the veteran youth leader to use the wealth of his knowledge and experience acquired over the years to impact on his people who are yearning for quality representation. As a well known youth leader, Comrade Nwadike has traversed the entire length and breadth of Orlu Zone in the course of his leadership of Orluzurumee Youths Assembly, the umbrella body of the youths of Orlu Zone. It is worthy of note that he led the assembly for two terms of three years each in the course of which he made very meaningful impact not only on the youth body but in other areas in Orlu Zone. It is therefore an understatement to say that Comrade Nwadike understands the terrain of Orlu Zone even more than those that falsely claim to be all in all in the zone today. A reincarnation of Orlu political renaissance, Comrade Precious Nwadike has made more impact on Orlu youths through his leadership style than his detractors who are only interested in their pockets and the welfare of their cronies.

A well acknowledged and highly respected human rights activist as well as the publisher of the very popular Community Watchdog Newspaper, Comrade Nwadike is a very courageous and passionate defender of the masses whose pains are also his pains. This humane disposition of his has endeared him, to not, only his people but also people of other climes as his helping hand knows no boundaries. An advocate of leadership by example, he has on innumerable occasions sacrificed his time and comfort in his bid to help others who are in dire need of justice and fairness in an unjust society where people’s rights are trampled upon by not only the rich and powerful but also by the powers that be that are supposed to protect them.

During his tenure as President of Orluzurumee Youths Assembly, Comrade Nwadike fought for and protected the rights of the people of Orlu Zone including those in position of authority at various levels. He has also used his position to ensure that the people of the zone are not marginalized in any way. In my candid opinion, it is the turn of the people of Orlu Zone to reciprocate his numerous gesture to the people of the zone by throwing their weight behind him in his quest to represent them at the upper chambers of the national assembly.

Comrade Precious Nwadike’s leadership trait manifested right from his days in the secondary school. He was the senior prefect of Ojike Memorial Secondary School (O.M.S.S), Orlu where he used the position to not only help his fellow students in various ways but also made tremendous impact on the school through various innovations. His early education in Orlu and subsequent leadership of Orluzurumee Youths Assembly are added advantages in his present endeavour to occupy the senate seat of Orlu Zone. When he was admitted at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) for his tertiary education, he later emerged as the president of Orlu Local Government Area Students Association (OLGASA) in the citadel of learning. As a result of his achievements while in office, he was later elected as the National President of Orlu LGA Students Association. He was also actively involved in the National Association of Imo State Students, politics because of his transparency and vision then. In his final year in FUTO, he was made the chairman of the Institution’s Electoral body and he excelled in all these.

Comr Nwadike with HE,Goodluck Jonathan,former President of Nigeria after                            a meeting in State House,Abuja

Bufetted from all fronts by the powers that be because of his stoic resolve to remain an advocate of the masses, Comrade Precious Nwadike has suffered all forms of humiliation and persecution in the hands of these oppressors in the corridors of power who see his resolve as an affront. He has been arrested and detained severally in their determination to tame him but he remains unbowed in his vow to always remain on the side of the masses no matter whose ox is gored. He is the Imo State Coordinator of OurMumuDondo, a movement founded by Prince Charley Boy Oputa, popularly known as The Area Father. The group is at the forefront of fighting for the enthronement of people oriented leadership at every level of governance in Nigeria. Imo workers and pensioners will not forget Comrade Nwadike because he has never relented in his dogged fight to see that they get their due in an unjust society where the government of the day has been playing politics with the payment of their entitlements and general welfare.

A winner of numerous awards because of his unrelenting war against the enemies of the people, this indefatigable young man has been in court with Chief Uche Nwosu, the governor’s son in-law for more than three years because of his insistence that accountability be enthroned in the governance of Imo State. The bailout fund issue which is the subject of the litigation has been reverberating since December 2015 when he published a report of how part of the money released by President Buhari for the payment of workers salaries and pensions was allegedly stolen by a domestic staff. He has spent over 10 million naira on the case and this is a young man that had the opportunity of collecting millions of naira to drop the story but he refused. His refusal was borne out of the fact that Imo pensioners and workers were, and are still going through hell. Why then drop a story that would have forced the governor to pay them their arrears of salaries and pensions? He could not bear to betray them so he decided to sacrifice his time, money and comfort in the interest of the much deprived and long suffering pensioners and workers in the state. I was shocked the day Comrade Nwadike told me that the reason he sent his family abroad was because their lives were being threatened by his oppressors who are determined to do all in their power to hurt him.

With Comrade Nwadike on the saddle as Senator Representing Orlu Zone in the national assembly, there is no doubt that the zone will experience the much coveted positive change that will endear the zone to all and also make the youths of the zone to have a new lease of life. This is based on his track record of monumental feats over the years in the area of leadership and wholehearted desire for the wellbeing of the youths of Orlu Zone. He whom the cap fits, let him wear it.