The senatorial candidate of United Progressive Party (UPP) for Orlu zone, Comrade Precious Nwadike has called on Governor Rochas Okorocha to save the lives of those whose mandate he intends to seek in 2019, by declaring a state of emergency on roads in Orlu zone, especially Owerri-Orlu road, Orlu-Urualla-Akokwa road and many others. Comrade Nwadike stated this, in a release signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Victor Unachukwu.

According to him, a journey from Owerri to Orlu is herculean and dangerous, as motorists now ply one way, from International Secondary School (ISS), to Banana Junction, with attendant hazards, including avoidable death of innocent people.

The release also drew attention to the Njaba bridge that has become a very dangerous spot that needs urgent attention to avert more avoidable deaths.

The youthful senatorial candidate and human rights activist, advised the Governor, to be more sensitive and conscious of the safety of lives of the people, stressing that roads in Orlu have become worse in his tenure than they were under previous administrations. “Our Orlu Project Team knows that Governor Okorocha delights in flying in helicopters and may not be aware of the deplorable state of roads in Orlu zone. It will therefore, be an insult on Orlu people for him to seek their mandate without addressing the numerous problems he created, in the guise of his poorly implemented urban renewal programme. We, abnitio thought that he will not have the moral right to seek the mandate of Orlu people, for any elective position, considering the near total collapse of infrastructural and other facilities in the zone, during his almost 8 year tenure. The worst of it is the dilapidated condition of Imo State University Teaching Hospital (IMSUTH) that presently has no access road while, most of the state of art equipments have either broken down or have allegedly been carted away”.

The release, also debunked rumours and online publications that the Governor has infiltrated the UPP, hijacked the party’s structure and induced Comrade Nwadike to drop his senatorial ambition. “The rumours are products of the warped imagination of fifth columnists and mischievous elements who are enemies of Orlu people.

Comrade Nwadike’s ambition is divine and sacrosanct. It is motivated by his passionate desire to enhance the welfare of Orlu people and fast track integrated development of the zone. Much as Comrade Nwadike cannot hold brief for the party’s governorship candidate or any other person, let it be known, that nobody has infiltrated the party to cause the Umudiatu Orlu born publisher to drop his senatorial ambition. He is fully in the race and remains the most qualified in all ramifications to represent the people of Orlu zone in the senate, come 2019”.