A fledging Imo Professional Association in Imo state, which goes by the name; “Imo Professional Group”, led by Dr. Emmanuel Enyinnia, had over the weekend taken another swipe on the Governor of Imo state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha for insisting on his son-inlaw or nothing as governor.

They described the attempt by Okorocha to foist his son-inlaw on Imo people, as an insult and an affront on the sensibility of Imolites, and residents alike, and called on those concerned, never to allow such imposition to be.

The spokesman of the group, who is also the Chairman of Imo Professional Group at home and in the diaspora, Dr Enyinnia, stated this while addressing the press after a meeting of the group in Orlu.

He recalled how his group had taken time to articulate all the atrocities committed by Rochas Okorocha, for which he wants his tracks covered by his son-in-law, leading to their resolution to support Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Dr Enyinnia mentioned in particular, the primitive acquisition of lands and conversion of public buildings to private properties, using public fund. “We understand what is at stake, beyond whatever the ordinary electorate see”.

It is against this backdrop that, we have resolved to form a third force that will flush out the vestiges of Okorocha, and his tentacles from government house, Owerri. According to Dr Enyinnia, “the Imo Professional Group will not relent in making sure that, a credible government which comes from God, takes over the mantle of leadership, after March 2, 2019 governorship election”.

He reiterated their resolve to support Senator Hope Uzodinma having found him worthy, able and focused to render services to Imo state, more than the other candidates.

Enyinnia further stated that, over the years, one of the mistakes Orlu people have been making which culminated in the emergence of Okorocha, is the clannish inclination and sentiments they had demonstrated. He recalled that in 2011, Okorocha was the only Orlu zonal contestant and hence had the undue advantage of son of the soil and its bulldozer and bandwagon effect. In 2015, he recalled also that Okorocha’s sole candidacy from Orlu zone, was all that tonic, he required to steal the show and emerge victorious, against other more competent and credible candidates from other zones for 2019.

It was against the backdrop of the presence of Senator Hope Uzodinma in the race that he felt that God has clipped Okorocha’s wings as he, though his son-inlaw is no longer the only Orlu zone candidates in the race to the governorship. He wondered how Okorocha wants the good people of Orlu zone to cede the governorship position.

“Having appraised the candidates, and the challenges confronting Imo, we have resolved to settle for Senator Hope Uzodinma” he averred. This decision was according to him resolved after extensively consulting with the elders and stakeholders of Orlu zone and beyond, and taking into consideration the overall need to recover all stolen and appropriated public wealth, in possession of Okorocha and his son-inlaws.

Dr Enyinnia also stated that his group will commence effective sensitization of Imo electorate ahead of the 2019 general elections, to further enlighten them on why they should vote Senator Hope Uzodinma, as governor. He condemned Okorocha for his deft and desperate moves to install his son-inlaw at all cost as governor and successor, and charged Imolites to do away with the plot to foist any candidate on them. He had also advised Imo electorate to ensure that they vote Senator Hope Uzodinma only, and other credible candidates that have the capacity and disposition to assist in the Imo Recovery project, irrespective of their political platform.