For the residents of Owerri, Imo state capital city, it was sad experience that the rain which ordinarily should not interrupt vehicular movement, ended up devastating the entire Owerri town and it’s environs,yesterday.

Our reporter who was at a hotel(namewithheld) which situates close to government house, observed that the entire entrance to the government house was heavily flooded, and impassable throughout the duration of the rain and thereafter.

The two hour rain destroyed lot of valuables. People were seen stranded at the end of work. The situation also hiked the transportation fair as most of the commuters avoided areas flooded by the erosion.

Areas worse flooded include Okigwe Road, Wetheral road, Akwakuma and Aladimma.

It will be recalled that there has been outcry over the state of roads in Imo especially with respect to the drainage system. The government has also been accused of using unknown and inferior contractors.In most cases engages individuals to carry out the shoddy job of road construction.

Most embarrassingly is the fact that the entire drainage system in Owerri has been destroyed in the guise of urban renewal. Worst still, the drainages have been blocked with decaying matter thus making them den or incubators for mosquito breeding.

It is unfortunate that despite the high rate of malaria mortality, the government has done nothing to eliminate mosquito infestation through a concerted effort”,an angry medical doctor trapped in traffic fumed.

Presently, following total breakdown of governance, residents of Owerri empty refuse into available drains and along the roads, with nobody biting an eye lid. It is a sorry state in Owerri which used to be Nigerians cleanest city.