Residents of Owerri, the Imo State capital are yet to have full taste of the resultant effects of the poorly packaged ex-Governor Okorocha’s urban renewal programme that demolished well constructed gutters and blocked many natural waterways which subsequently caused flood to submerge some buildings.

Following torrential down pour in the state capital on that fateful day, after the now renewed monthly clean up exercise, there were cases of reported flood disasters that engulfed the lake Nwaebere axis of Aladinma Housing Estate, Owerri which engulfed a section of the perimeter fence of the Aladinma Shopping Mall and its environs.

Our reporter who visited the area disclosed that a number of residential buildings close to adjoining Umuahia Street Aladinma Estate Owerri were submerged and properties valued over several millions of naira were destroyed by the surging flooding on its way to empty contents into lake Nwaebere besides Imo State University.

Several vehicles were found stuck in the mud while several others were abandoned by their owner/drivers who had to escape from the disastrous raging flood to save their dear lives.

Elsewhere in parts of Egbeada Housing Estate Owerri residents had to swim in the same flood to salvage their properties while at Amakohia where the old tunnels and drainages have been completely blocked by Okorocha and Uche Nwosu, the flood overflowed into people’s homes and swallowed two schools located in the area. Altogether people abandoned their vehicles along the Spibat Road Amakohia to trek home just to salvage their belongings.