The recent attack on Imo political stakeholders and stalwarts and the purported suspension of some People Democratic Party (PDP) chieftains from Isu Local Government Area by the State Vice Chairman of the party, Chief Martin Ejiogu, has attracted the ire and strong condemnation by the Youth Vanguard of the party in the area.

In a statement issued in Owerri yesterday, the group led by Hon Wisdom Iwuchukwu observed that for Chief Ejiogu who was only holding brief for the State Chairman while he was overseas, “this is not a period for fomenting trouble rather he should find ways and means of winning supporters for the party in power rather than fighting dirty over non-issues and scattering the party’s faithful supporters.

According to the Youth Vanguard, what the party should be doing now is to create more friends than fighting the leader.

It was reported that recently, the party Vice Chairman had announced the suspension of the former state Accountant General, Mr Pauly Ajoku, and about five other LGA party leaders of Isu. The angry youths in the protest claimed that Mr. Ajoku had been supportive of the PDP in the area, funding the party and had always remained very consistant without shifting grounds, quite unlike some others who jump from pillar to post in search of where the butter is on the bread.

The youths wondered why Chief Ejiogu should be haunting or attacking his kinsman to the point of claiming that he is suspending him for no just cause, when he had been and remained faithful to the party.

According to the Youth Vanguard, “Chief Ihedioha is accommodating in his style of politics and preaches peace across party lines, there is no reason to create crisis or raise dust”.

When contacted, the former Imo State Accountant General, Mr Paurly Ajoku, said, that he had not seen the publication purporting to suspend him from the party communicated of this development but he has been receiving a number of calls on the issue adding that he would not react or try to embarrass the state Chairman, whom he has much respect for.

However, one of the members of the Youth Vanguard who claimed to have read the publication of the purported suspension said that the affected party leaders were alleged to have played anti party activities and the suspension was as a result of trial and conviction. The young man who claims to hail from the same clime with Chief Ejiogu and Mr. Ajoku expressed shock that the Vice Chairman could drag family issues into public arena and that because Pauly wanted to mediate and adjudicate in family feud between Chief Ejiogu and his siblings, he is now at the receiving end.

The young man disclosed that Ajoku had done so much to lift the party up from the ward level, to the LGA since he registered as a member in 2014, and wondered why he would be accused of anti party activity at a time PDP needs his wealth of experience and advice.

Some other members of the Youth Vanguard contended that Mr Ajoku over the years had worked with the Peoples Democratic Party and had even served in the recent Technical Committee of Chief Emeka Ihedioha, hence they presume that the recent publication purported to be a disciplinary action was acts of impunity, repugnant and vexatious to impugn the integrity of a loyal party faithful.

The youths also pleaded with the Vice Chairman not to attempt to destabilize the party for selfish interest and obstinacy.