An erudite Professor and renowned opinion molder, Protus Nathan Uzorma, has once again taken the former Governor of Imo State, now Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing Imo West, Chief Rochas Okorocha, to the cleaners.

Reacting to an inciting statement credited to Okorocha, who was in Owerri on Tuesday at Mr Uche Nwosu campaign office located along Bank Road, Owerri, where he (Rochas) allegedly used uncouth words against governor Emeka Ihedioha, while sagaciously berating Imo people for voting PDP.

Prof. Uzorma, described Okorocha’s utterances as most unfortunate, stating that for a man on a stolen mandate, who should be languishing in prison by now, to go about on motorcade in Owerri tells that the present administration of Ihedioha is too lenient with him. He described Rochas Okorocha as shameless.

Uzorma maintained that it is unacceptable and smacks of weakness on the side of Ihedioha’s appointees to have allowed such public disturbance as created by Okorocha and his son-inlaw, thus causing breach of peace. He cautioned Ihedioha’s appointees on the need to place Okorocha where he rightly belongs.

Uzorma recalled that under Okorocha’s rescue mission agenda regime, nobody would dare try such, not even the labour unions, let alone a man who has so many questions to answer with EFCC bothering on corruption.

According to the Mayor of Imo Youths and social critics, Ihedioha’s leniency is the reason Okorocha goes about insulting him. “For now, Ihedioha is a governor; we must respect him pending when court decides otherwise. I also feel that even though I commend Ihedioha for initiating probe panels to investigate Okorocha’s tenure, such panels are coming late. He should have started from the day he was sworn-in to deal with Okorocha. By so doing, he won’t have the gut to start talking nonsense in Imo”.

“You don’t give looters opportunity to regroup because if they do, they may chase you out of the state. Ihedioha should investigate even slippers bought by Rochas Okorocha as everything about him is characterized with fraud”, Prof Uzorma fumed.

The Isu LGA born Professor of Philosophy averred that he is watching Ihedioha believing that he will be better than Rochas but where he goes the way of Okorocha,”I will go against him even though we belong to the same political party”.

When asked why he suddenly stopped criticizing Okorocha, Uzorma said, “the man is no longer governor. From 2010, I told the public who Rochas Okorocha was but lot of people didn’t believe me. Today, they have come to terms with the truth. I stopped talking about Rochas Okorocha, because he doesn’t worth my time”.