Shocking revelations have continued to emerge on how Okorocha in conspiracy and tacit collaboration with his kinsman, Dr Paschal Obi, resolved to defraud Imo State to the tune of well over N20 billion on contracts which were awarded to a single construction company.

Dr Paschal Obi is said to hail from a neigbouring village to Ogboko.An Optometrist with the State Ministry of Health Owerri, before Rochas Okorocha, on assumption of office as Executive Governor of Imo State in 2011, appointed him as his Principal Secretary.

Besides the latest revelations,there are glaring cases of malfeasances and financial improprieties, as was alleged by one Chief Chris Asiobi that Paschal Obi was also involved in the alleged award of contract to supply 200,000 pairs of primary school bags and shoes to Imo Standard Shoes Industries.Disagreement over the execution of the contract in which only a paltry of 20,000 pairs of the shoes were supplied.

The latest revelation on the discovery of monumental fraud in Imo State has it that senator Rochas Okorocha as governor of Imo State,awarded 12 different contracts valued at N20 billion to a single contractor “Zigreat International Company Limited” between November 15, 2013 and November 3, 2017. Documents relating to this contract awards show that the contracts were awarded to Zigreat in total violation and flagrant abuse of the Public Procurement act, which Ex-Governor Ikedi Ohakim domesticated after that of the Federal government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

As contained in the 2010 Public Procurement Act, prospective company bids for contracts shall present three years tax clearance, audited account, evidence of work experience for at least four projects of similar complexity and evidence of possessing the relevant machinery and professional staff.

Further investigations have proved that Okorocha’s Zigreat International Construction Company like himself had no functional website and surprisingly got it’s first contract from Okorocha barely three months after it was surreptitiously registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It is believed that the company belongs to Okorocha and Paschal Obi, with the sole intent to fleece, defraud, or outrightly steal Imo public treasury brazenly.

Instantly, the duo awarded the contract for the construction of Akachi Tower, Owerri to Zigreat at a whopping N700 million. All the twelve (12) different contracts subsequently awarded to Zigreat were signed by the said accomplice, Dr Paschal Obi. There has been no evidence of publication or advertisement for the jobs to enable other construction companies compete for the bids.

The letter of the award of contract signed by Paschal Obi, for the proxy Zigreat, reads thus, “I am directed to refer to your quotation on the above contract and to convey His Excellency’s approval that your company Zigreat International Company Ltd undertakes the contract for the construction of Akachi (Hand of God) at a total contract sum of N700,000,000 (Seven Hundred Million Naira) only”. This was even while civil servants, pensioners and legislative aides were languishing in hunger over non-payment of statutory entitlements.

Apart from Akachi Tower which was allegedly ordered demolished after a whopping N700 million had been expended on it, Okorocha awarded the construction of a certain Community Health Hospital in Ogboko, his home town to Zigreat at N683 million. Till the time of filing this report, the so-called Community Health Hospital Ogboko, is in a derelict state.

Also awarded was over N689 million contracts for the office blocks of the ministry of happiness headed by Ogechi Ololo, Okorocha’s younger sister. N5.9 billion was awarded for the construction of police headquarters, phase 1, Owerri and N4.3 billion for the construction of police headquarters, phase 2, Owerri.

Below are the details of other contracts awarded between 2016 and 2017, by Owelle Rochas Okorocha, at highly inflated and outrageous costs.

Construction of Imo State University of Agriculture and Environment in Aboh/Ngokpala, N3.7 billion.

Reconstruction of sub-treasury building for conversion to government house clinic, N210 million.

Construction of ministry of Niger Delta office blocks, N611 million.

Construction of ministry of agriculture office blocks, N611 million.

Construction of ministry of tourism office blocks, N630 million.

Construction of IMSU campus at Onuimo, N2.79 billion.

Construction of ministry of sport office blocks, N690 million.

Some of the contracts were not completed before the end of the former governor’s tenure in 2019.

Asked to react to the manner that the contracts were awarded, Sam Onwuemeodo, spokesman of the former governor, said the most important thing was that the contracts were executed. For Sam Onwuemeodo, it does not matter at how much cost a contract was awarded. What a clown?

He said with over 1000 projects, Okorocha, whom he described as a hero, should be honoured.

“Okorocha has more than 1000 projects in the state, even if trillions of naira were spent on those projects, that’s justifiable because the man has worked. The most important thing is whether the contracts were executed or not, if you are a contractor and I know you can give me what I want without running away with my money, I will give you the contract,” he said.

Meanwhile,it was also gathered that the wife of the former governor,Owelle Rochas Okorocha,Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha was yesterday arrested by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission,EFCC at their Enugu office.

According to our source,Mrs Okorocha was at 3pm writing statement at the EFCC zonal office which was almost closenof work.He said,”I do not think she would be released today considering how weighty the allegations are”.

He stated that the arrest may not be unconnected with the alleged fraud committed by Okorocha and his family members while in office as governor of Imo State.