-Explains Why Ihedioha Toured 27 LGAs

The Special Adviser (SA) to the Imo State Governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Mayor Eze, has given reasons Governor Emeka Ihedioha, embarked on a working tour of all the 27 local government council areas. This he said was to supervise and ensure that quality jobs are executed for the people, as the state is fast coming out of the dungeon of bad administration.

Addressing newsmen in his office at Owerri,recently Mayor Eze revealed that, Governor Ihedioha’s tour is part of his supervisory role now that there is financial autonomy for the local governments, so that the authorities and contractors do not execute sub-standard projects.

He disclosed that the Governor’s tour with a team of experts in project management, led by the Special Adviser on Project Monitoring, has started yielding results, as the experts were on hand to assess the quality of projects going on and those that failed integrity test were directed to reconstruct as the case may be.

The Special Adviser assured Imo people that they will not get the litany of shoddy and sub-standard projects as were witnessed in the last administration of Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

Fielding a question from Journalist,Mayor reiterated that the government will start work on the roads as soon as the rain subsides, explaining that, where they had started constructing few roads in New Owerri, the rains wrecked havoc, forcing the contractors to stop while expecting fair weather very soon.

Reacting to political development in the state, He said that the present government started on a clean slate and has only in seven months achieved what all other past governments could not achieve. He further credited new projects executed at the council areas to the present government, describing some opposition leaders who claim to form shadow government as “living in ignorance”.

In his opinion, “shadow government can only be felt in a parliamentary system of government, not in a presidential system of government, hence such people should not be taken serious. He contended that Ihedioha’s government has shown faith with the people, devoid of clannish interest and to justify this claim, Mayor Eze averred that, upon Ihedioha’s emergence, the Governor inherited some top political appointees, such as the State Accountant General, the Vice Chancellor of IMSU and a host of others.

Hon. Mayor Eze stated that, it is due to the realization of the many achievements of Hon Ihedioha though ,silently that they are forming shadow government, asserting that the shadow government is not a threat to Ihedioha’s government.

He accused the opposition leaders of fighting because their principal has promised them appointment if he emerges, not for the interest of Imo people. He said, “come to think of it, who else could have defeated Okorocha and began to move the state out of the political dungeon, which Okorocha created in Imo?”.

Ikenga, as popularly called by friends refrained from blaming Okorocha of poor performance on the ground that a man cannot give what he does not have, declaring that, his eight years in Imo were eight years of locust that ate up every fabric of Imo.

Mayor Eze extolled Governor Ihedioha for exposing the monumental fraud in pension and for commencing payment of pensioners even though there are lapses, adding that, there is room for correction.

“It would have only taken a disciplined leader to achieve the much governor Ihedioha has done within the shortest time”, he stated.

Finally,Mayor pleaded with Imo people be patient with the Governor on roads.