Eight days ago precisely on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, in a dramatic political turn of mysterious events, the reigns of power and authority in the landlocked Imo state, the heartland of the South East” suddenly shifted from the domain of the erstwhile shortlived the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) where Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha held sway to the boisterous federal ruling party of All Progressives Congress (APC) represented by Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, who was sworn-in as Executive Governor of Imo State 24 hours after he was declared the rightful winner of the March 9, 2019 gubernatorial elections by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

There and then all the Administrative, Technical, Advisory, Consultative, Foundations, Infrastructures and proposed ideas or agenda in one fell swoop collapsed.

All inquiries or inquisitions, programme, projects, contracts and programmes of the Ihedioha administration came to a sudden halt and while a section of Imo populace including civil servants, pensioners, political appointees and some favoured elements of the Imo East and North scratched their hands in glaring bewildered disbelief, supporters and beneficiaries of the Owelle government and APC party were once again in high spirit, rejoicing and jubilating over their justified victory and eventually regain of power.

However, the question on the lips of the average Imolite on the streets or villages and the social media has been, “now that the election matter has been finally put to rest and a new tenure of four years has begun. What do the electorate expect to gain? What is the hope of the commoner? Will Hope Uzodinma set a promising eventful administration or will he set up a vendetta witch-hunting government? Will he sweep all the noticeable or suspected myriads of ills of the past administration under the carpet? What happens to all the panels of inquiry earlier set up and all the contracts execution which begun since we know that government is a continuum or a relay race, will civil servants and pensioners continue to receive their full payment and shall we have in Imo or will it be a free for all action or no bureaucracy, no due process, no rule of law and will all Imo land and properties belong to Hope. We want to see?

In the words of Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of Amen, Imo has suffered and we anticipate to witness something good in our land. We hope in Hope. Imolites deserve justice and fair play or shall we rely on the maxim that “Orlu wu eze” and other sorts. In the verdict of the Supreme Court, we do not see any victory or vanquished as both are Imolites. We must realize that where two elephants fight, it is the grass underneath that suffers. In this wise, we suggest that the new government of Hope puts the development and all building of Imo State with the welfare, as well as security of her people in forefront. Let him run an all inclusive administration, neglecting clannish, nepotism or political learning applying justice in all its ramifications and in all transactions. Imo belongs to all of us whether from Orlu, Oru, Oguta, Izombe, Ikeduru, Obowo, Okigwe, Mbaise, Mbano, Ngor Okpala and so on. The Imo and Njaba river flow across this enclave.

Now that all the recently constituted or established boards, committees or commissions, parastatals and inquiries constituted by Ihedioha have been swept away alongside myriads of political appointments, does this mean or interpret that all the resources, time, talent, energy and funds spent on these areas including wages earned and counterparts funds so far paid will go into the pipe drains all to the loss of Imo state again. Once more, we advocate that the brand new government saves and retains or sustains some of the few palpable gains or laudable foundations laid by the sacked administration.

For instance, what happens to the RAMP project where huge fund has been committed. Will the beleaguered and recently empowered Imo pensioners be subjected to another excruciating verification exercise to get their pensions owed between May to August 2019, and arrears of 12-36 months with gratuity owed for several years by previous administrations. Will the worker receive his pay at the end of January 2020?

It is our anticipation, desire and hope that whatever good legacy or foundation that has been laid so far should be sustained and improved upon for the good, welfare and development of Imo State. It may not be advisable to transact some good policies, plans or proposal enunciated for our common good and aspiration after all,”Imo Bu Nke Anyi”.

The Governor has announced that he will probe past governments from 2010 to 2020. We plead that the probe will be all inclusive, thorough and not vindictive or selective aimed at seeking vendetta but at recovering the misused and abused or looted Imo common fund, property and land. Our trust and Hope is the Lord who made Heaven and Earth. Congratulations to our new governor and his team.