Dr Kingsley Chigbu,CMD FMC,Owerri

The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri, Dr Kingsley Achigbu who is also a member of the Imo State task force committee on Coronavirus has advised Imo people to adhere strictly to the social distancing and safety measures announced by both the federal and state governments to avoid contacting this dreaded corona Virus which pandemic is currently ravaging the entire world and has so far killed over 11,000 people across the globe.

The revelation is coming fast on the heels of a particular case or incident of a suspected Coronavirus patient at FMC which as reported, “the Doctors and Nurses on confirming the travel history of the patient all fled. It was gathered that the patient had returned from the United Kingdom and other European countries recently.

When contacted, the CMD, Achigbu confirmed that there are suspected cases of corona virus in Imo. “Journalists are only particular about that incident. What about other cases that we are confronted with here on daily basis?”, he queried.

Dr Achigbu advised Imo people to adhere strictly to government’s directives as a measures to stay free from the fast and wide spreading virus. According to him, if the pandemic escalates, South East will be worst hit as our people are never taking the virus serious. “For them, they still see it as joke. No wonder I see people congested in commercial vehicles around Owerri”. He added that it is among the easiest way to contact the disease.

On the effort being made by FMC authorities to curb the pandemic, Achigbu said the hospital at present has an isolation unit and like other Federal Medical Centers, “we are doing our best to equip the hospital to be better prepared to fight the virus”.

He further stated that the hospital will by tomorrow carry out more programs for stakeholders and health workers as part of measures towards curbing the pandemic.

The Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Owerri is the only functional public health institution in the state hence the hospital is totally congested with both in and out patients who cannot get a bed space inside the wards. There is an added report that due to incessant breakdown in health facilities the blood bank lacks blood for transfusion in cases of emergency or need.