–     Berates Information Commissioner, Emelumba

The Esere Umuna and prominent PDP member in Imo State, Mazi Ifeanyi Asikaogu has advised Governor Hope Uzodinma never to lose focus and get easily distracted with the purported misdemeanours of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, but to concentrate on his effort to develop Imo State, for which the Supreme Court handed the mandate of Imo electorate to him.

Mazi Asikaogu stated this in an exclusive interview with this reporter in Owerri recently. He frowned at the present pre-occupation of the State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon Declan Emelumba, who he accused of engaging majorly in criticisms, allegations upon allegations and scathing remarks or media trial against Ihedioha.

According to Asikaogu who said he has been inundated with calls and requests to intervene between the two leaders, “to say the least, these are not healthy for a state like ours where collective efforts and ideas of the two illustrious sons of Imo State, two National players of note should be geared towards the common development of the state”. He expressed worry that the expositions of massive fraudulent activities of Ihedioha had elicited mixed reactions from several concerned Imo citizens who intimated and confronted him with such scary issues are sources of concern and sleepless nights to him hence his decision to call for a truce. He called on the Governor to caution his Information and Strategy Commissioner, Declan Emelumba who as government mouth piece or spokesperson has in his own observations derailed and misled the Governor into declaring media war against Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha.                                                   

In his advice to the Governor on how best to move Imo State to the next level, Asikaogu who admitted that he remains a strong member of PDP, said, “I advise him to concentrate all his energy to the work he is given a divine mandate to do for Imo people and not to continue fighting Ihedioha because people have already begun to assess his government now that it has clocked one hundred days in office”. He contended that blowing up figures of amount of money purportedly embezzled or misappropriated by Emeka Ihedioha without substantiating or adumbrating on its authenticity will do the Uzodinma’s three “Rs” administration a lot of harm.

The statement states further as follows; “getting mails from so many interested friends and business partners commenting on what’s happening in my dear state gave me serious concern and sleepless nights hence this epistle. 

“Left for me alone, I would have kept quiet from my comfort zone, watching from a distance to see where it will all take us to. But for the much love I have for my dear state and my constituency down to my home community, I have decided to add my voice in making sure that the situation is arrested before it gets out of hand. While I put it down, I pray it is not misinterpreted to mean another thing from what it expressly contains.  Like I have always believed and proclaimed, nothing happens on earth without God’s permission. Today Hope is the Governor of Imo state. That is the wish of God. It wouldn’t happen if God never permitted it. But one thing I must say or advice here is, Hope must look forward not backwards. Unless if needs permit to look backwards and while looking back, he must scrutinize whatsoever his aides want to bring to the public else he maybe doing one thing more than once. Honestly if I am close to the government of Hope Uzodinma which I am not, I would advise him to not to be diatracted. I belong to PDP.

“And I still remain a strong member of the PDP until God says otherwise. I will advise him to concentrate all his energy to the work he was given mandate to do for Imo people and not fighting Ihedioha because people have already begun to assess his government having clocked one hundred days in office. This everyday figure blowing up against the former governor Ihedioha will do his government lots of harm.

As government in power, it is always good to crosscheck over and over before coming to the public. On Thursday 23rd April 2020 I read in vanguard where they said Ihedioha must give account of his 8 months in office where he spent N20 billion with nothing on ground to show for. That is not true. First Ihedioha didn’t spend eight (8) months in office. He spent seven (7) months. And has only 7 months state allocations under his watch. Second, Ihedioha’s achievements within his 7 months in office are noticeable everywhere. He started all the works he flagged up when he was in office. And no one expected those roads to be completed within that short period he was in office. All Hope needs to do is to compliment and continue from where Ihedioha stopped. All this propaganda coming from his aides will not do good for his government. Hope needs to change that media commissioner, if he continues in this manner and put a very sound person who can do the job perfect.

“That office is the mouth piece of every government. Not for cheap people. My brother honestly speaking, I started loving and getting interested in Hope government when I saw the good work he is doing at St Joseph roundabout Umuna Orlu which has been neglected for over 50 years. Government comes and goes without paying attention and leaving the people of Umuna and Uzoubi Umuna Ancient Kingdom,who are the well head of this erosion and Isu clan in general at there on mercy. Also hearing that he appointed one of my very respectable kinsmen/woman as the IMC Chairman of Orlu LGA. But all this media propaganda against Ihedioha is bringing Ihedioha more love from the good people of Imo state. The earliest he concentrates, the better for his government. Let the media propaganda stop”,he stated.