When we hit the news stand mid 2013, our special focus and area of concentration as ombudsmen and mirrors or rather spy glass on events and activities in and around the socio-political, cultural, religious and academic events in some of the unit, groups or rather communities within the state capital.

By the time of the celebration of our second anniversary, we took a giant stride to become a force to be reckoned with in the local media industry with some of the news stories making headlines, shaking the airwaves of the state. As a result, our friends, foes, colleagues and adversaries began to question the rationale behind the name “Community” affixed to our role as Watchdog, when we had played the lead in publishing on various wide national issues for which we wrote an editorial on “community journalism”.

However, be that as it may, today we have spread our focus and tentacles with adequate personnel and outlets to the six geopolitical zones and FCT. We find it necessary therefore to change our publications with improved contents, expanded to cover all manner of human interest, events or news stories from communities within Imo State which formed the reason for the Founders and Publishers of the nascent tabloid to assume the name Community Watchdog Newspaper, a name that became a household one in the media, debuting with two incisive, extensively, researched and people-oriented columns, “The Blunt Pen by Ken Okonkwo and the X-ray by no less a personality than the irrepressible firebrand human rights activist, cerebral and erudite scholar, Professor Protus N. Uzorma, who was adopted as the Editorial Adviser of the emerging Community Watchdog tabloid.

Henceforth in keeping with our new nomenclature, we pledge to keep the pace on events and all human interest, news stories on social, political, cultural, scientific etc, all abreast of the time with our readers, well wishers and advertisers as they unfold, recorded, investigated or researched. Welcome to the “Nigeria Watchdog”, which promises to take all our readers to the territories of Imo and gradually extend to nearby states that constitute Nigeria and break barriers in news gathering and reporting.