A group known as Ihitte/Uboma Technology Future Kackathon, will in it’s passionate desire to boost creative ideas and the acquisition of innovation and technological ideas among youths, will in conjunction with Ihitte/Uboma Youth Forum, organize a programme with the theme, “Hack the Future 2020”, between 12th and 18th July, 2020, at the Ihitte/Uboma Secretariat.

According to a release signed by the President of Ihitte/Uboma Youth Forum, Comrade Kenkwo Kingsley and made available to the press yesterday, the Hackathon event will commence by 4pm on July 12th, 2020, formal presentations will commence by 3pm on 18th July, 2020, while merit awards will be presented to deserving contestants as from 4pm, same July 18th.

The release from the organizers of the programme states that teams and individuals who wish to contest are expected to register with the organizers on or before 10th July. It also stated that teams comprised of not less than five individuals consisting of at least one male and one female. The contestants must also be indigene of Ihitte/Uboma with a maximum age of 35 years by 1st July, 2020.

Members of the respective teams are also eligible to register as individual contestants and will be judged alongside their teams. 

According to the release, at the end of the event that is aimed at sharpening the creative and innovative skills of the participants, members of the winning team will share a monetary prize of N70,000 in addition to the sum of N200,000, with which to develop their idea, while the runners-up will get N30,000. The overall individual prize of N35,000 will be awarded to the person who develops the most unique and innovative idea at the event.

The seven day, computer/phone based event that is geared towards stimulating the creative faculties of Ihitte/Uboma youths is an “Invest Nigeria Initiative” and every participant is deemed to have from the onset consented that information, photographs, images, videos etc that emanate therefrom can be recorded and used by the organizers for publication of newsletters, advert or any media related purpose they deem fit.