You may have met someone whom you wished was several miles away from you owing to the foul smell emanating from their mouth or body. You could have been the person making people uncomfortable around you or to back away from you when you speak. It’s hard to exude confidence when you are constantly trying to keep your arms and mouth down to hide the embarrassing odour oozing out of them. 

Sometimes no matter how you shower, brush your teeth, douse yourself in perfume or deodorant, the stench just won’t go.

You certainly know how unpleasant and disgusting it is to perceive bad odour or bad breath from someone very close to you especially if you have more time to spend with him or her. Sometimes people that are suffering from mouth odour seldom keep quiet. If you are unfortunate to seat nearest to them during church service or during a seminar section, you need extra grace. They would want to comment on the testimonies, the song ministrations, different dance steps and you know how annoying that can be. They eagerly shout “Ride on Sir” caring less about their damages. 

It is more embarrassing and painful when your spouse whom you share the same bed with stinks and oozes out bad odour. This smelling spouse will expect you to kiss, curdle and have sexual intercourse with him or her. 

There are some things that piss men off in their women, such as body odor, unwanted armpit hair, acne, unkempt hair, period, bad breath, bleaching which with time causes irksome odour resembling rotten fish etc. 

There is a very close relationship between scent and attraction. The way you smell attracts people to you or chases people away from you. 

Your odor can affect your relationship and intimacy with your husband. Men admit that a woman’s nice natural smell is a Turn On. Your sweet scent invites your man and makes him come home on time and even comes harder and stronger whenever he penetrates you.

Even bad smelling men quickly complain about bad odor of their women. Who would desire to be curdled up in the arms of a bad smelling partner? The thing kills desire and gets the man put-off. 

A woman’s bad odor can keep her husband away from home. This is a man whose secretary and female colleagues at the office usually smell nice and inviting. Then he has to go home to a woman who smells of stock fish, onions, raw cold fish and sour soup. When he asks questions, she opens her mouth, displaying pieces of vegetables that decorated her teeth as different smell saturates the atmosphere. 

Womanizers know what they see and perceive when they remove different women’s pants. Some ladies have a “fishy” vaginal odor. Under wears of some women have different offensive smell and odours. A man (name withheld) once complained of his wife’s terrible odour during menstruation which makes him to avoid touching her even after 3days of her period. Female students living in the hostel can attest to the fact that some of their roommates should be avoided during their menstrual period.

Contrary to popular belief, sweat by itself doesn’t smell. When your sweat interacts with the bacteria on your skin, it produces awful odour. Odour is usually caused by the combination of sweat and bacteria found on the skin. 

It can also be caused by poor hygiene, hot and humid weather, recent exercise or eating certain food such as garlic and onions.

Below are the tips on how to fight bad odour:

1. Shower regularly with anti bacteria soap.

2. Stay away from strongly scented soaps that can make your armpit odour worse.

3. Trim or shave your private parts often. 

4. Keep your underarms dry. 

5.  Scrub your extra-sweaty areas with a scent free, anti bacterial bath soap. 

6. Wear breathable fabrics

7. Use antiperspirants or deodorants. Deodorants deodorizes all the body odour. 

8. Do your laundry

9. Shower right after every workout, so bacteria don’t have a chance to spread. 

10. Don’t wear sweaty clothes. 

Letting sweats sit on your shirts creates a breeding ground for sweat causing bacteria. Wear a fresh shirt every time you go out for exercise, and wash your clothes immediately after a heavy sweat session.

11. If you sweat a lot, you can wear a sweat proof under shirt like Thompson Tee. 

12. Change your diet. Some of the foods we eat have a significant effect on the odours that leave our bodies and breath offensive and foul smelling. For instance, consuming certain foods, such as onions, garlic, cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, curries, varieties of herbs and spices affect our odor.

Avoiding spicy foods and caffeinated beverages may also help. 

13. Lack of proper oral hygiene leads to the buildup of bacteria that in turn, leads to the decay of your teeth. That is what leads to a terrible smell in your mouth. 

Smoking and drinking cause mouth odor also. 

Some use breath mints to prevent the post meal breath, but the bad breath will return when the mint dissolves. 

14. Brushing our teeth twice daily is essential.

The things listed above will help to shut offensive smells and bring in Sweet and lovely scents. 

Body odor is unpleasant but sudden changes in body odor can be a sign of something more serious that requires doctor’s attention. It could be a medical condition. If you have excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis talk to your doctor.

There is a belief that what you do, your profession or business affects your odor. For instance traders that sell fish, goats or fowl are often consumed by the odor of these things they sell. Doctors and Nurses of course smell of drugs and hospital. I think it depends on individuals. There are some perfume sellers that smell very bad. 

Your odor depends on you, your diet and hygiene.