A political pressure group under the aegis of Imo Gadflies Network (IGN) led by it’s Chief Gadfly/Chief Centurion, Dr Modesty Vitus M Ezenwa (Ph.D), has declared a former Imo State gubernatorial candidate,renowned industrialist and one time Federal Minister of Commerce and Industries; President,Nigeria Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Industry, as well as President of the Manufacturers Association (MAN), Engineer Charles Ugwu, as the best and most formidable and credible option for Imo State Chairman  of PDP now that the party is on the verge of putting its house in order to form the next alternative government for Imo State.

This was disclosed in a press statement signed  by    Gadfly (Akwaa Akwuru) and made available to Newsmen in Owerri,yesterday. 

The group which claims to be non-political and non-partisan declared that Engr Ugwu’s clout is enough to stem the defection tide rocking the party presently and that his character would draw back membership to the party while his managerial ability and administrative ingenuity or dexterity are all that the party needs to reposition itself.

The group stated that though it is a non-partisan organization, it looks forward to partnering with a formidable opposition with a view to offering constructive and redemptive options to government. It urged PDP as party, not to repeat the mistakes of the past, hence it is requesting that Engr Ugwu should be pressurized to accept the offer.

The statement reads in part, “first of all, may I start by declaring that our group is not attached to any Political party. As the Chief Gadfly/Chief Centurion of the Imo Gadflies Network (IGN), let me state that I am not a card carrying member of the PDP or any political party. But by virtue of the position I am currently holding in the state, I am in a good position to dabble into political arrangements in any political party.   

I think looking into the formation of leadership of political parties in Imo state and ensuring that saner minds emerge, falls within my job descriptions. It makes the jobs of Gadflies in Imo state easier if we are dealing with conscientious men and women in the leadership of political parties in the state. 

When we allow unstable characters to take over the reins of leadership of parties, we will be burdened with avoidable duties of chastising, criticizing and monitoring excesses of these individuals. It is against this background that the Gadflies Network of Imo state decided to intervene in what is happening in Imo state PDP. Gadflies pray for the stability of opposition. While we don’t work for the opposition, we always partner with opposition in checkmating the ruling party and offering constructive and objective criticisms to the rulers of the land.

Gadflies rely hugely on the formations within the opposition but they are not confined in them. We support opposition in the process of selecting or electing their leadership. 

At the moment, PDP in Imo state is in search of a leader. If experience is anything to goby or that could be relied on, the opposition must get it right at this time. The former chairman, Barrister Ezekwem jumped gun. He was bought over by the ruling government. The same government is currently sponsoring her candidates for the position of leadership of PDP. This is not a crime in politics and nobody should take offence on the ruling party. The cardinal rule in civic warfare is that ‘you must intrude and infiltrate the camps of your enemies”. Ask great war Marshals like Tito and Bureir of Yugoslavia and Bosnia, respectively.  The later, once declared. “If it is possible to enthrone your ally as the commander of the enemies forces, for heaven’s sake, go ahead!!!”.

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