–      It Is Pure Blackmail – Okolie

By Dorcas Samson Achi 

Eighty Five (85) year old Ezinne Eunice Okolie, mother of Hon Jerry Okolie, a former Commissioner for Rural Development and Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in Imo State has decried her son’s wanton maltreatment and constant harassment of her because she requested that he should share his father’s property with his other brothers as the first son according to their custom. 

She revealed her fears, anxieties and challenges to Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper recently, following the incessant and unabating harassment she faced several nights ago by the security operatives sent by his first son, Hon Jerry Okolie. She described her son as very heartless,saying that he wants her dead before her time. 

Going through the memory lane, she recalled how Hon Jerry Okolie was given the best treatment as a growing child. “He lived in the hostel, but never fed like other students. I often cooked different delicacies of his choice meals and took to his school to feed him. He lived like a prince in the hostel. He was later sent overseas by his father to study but painfully he returned with no identifiable certificate or money. He defrauded his father of a huge sum of money given to him to get travel tickets for his younger brother and this singular act led to his father’s untimely death.

He brought down the house built by my husband, his father, sold the zincs, roofing sheets and ceiling boards, woods and other materials from the demolished house and refused to give me part of the money. He erected his own house and chased me to the dirty and falling house at the backyard. He has shown me no care, honour or love as his biological mother but has often threatened and terrorized me and his siblings with military officers, stressing that it is only those that are alive that are entitled to rightful ownership of property, signifying his desires to kill us”. She expressed amidst tears.

According to Ezinne Eunice Okolie, this matter has been reported to the five traditional rulers and titled men in Ihioma autonomous community, they summoned Hon Jerry Okolie but he refused to honour their invitation. His Royal Highness Stephen Okeke, the Obi of Ihioma Ancient Kingdom said that Hon Jerry Okolie is very difficult to bring to all the summons in his palace despite his efforts to bring him and intervene in the matter with a view to an amicable settlement. 

Hon Jerry Okolie’s mother emphasized that she has benefitted nothing good from her own son even when he was a Commissioner for eight years in Imo State, adding that he perpetuated only evils, boasting that he is in power and nothing will happen, neither will the heaven fall. 

Ezinne Eunice Okolie tearfully added that Hon Jerry Okolie’s friend who was simply identified as Mrs Obidinma,married to a man from Umuaghi Ihioma, has been encouraging her son, Jerry, to deal with his brothers,insisting that she won’t support that as long as she stays alive.

 “My Son Jerry sent Obidimma and one Nwadinigwe to pack some of the property inside his house two weeks ago, threatening that he will make case with it. Currently the villagers are accusing me and my children of stealing those property.Jerry’s lady friend fabricates lies to him, in order to get money from him”. She explained and requested the government, traditional institution and well meaning individuals to come to her rescue before her son Jerry Okolie succeeds in killing her and his siblings. 

However, when Mrs  Obidinma was contacted, she refused to comment on the allegation but told our reporter that they need to sit down and discuss.

When eventually contacted, Hon Jerry Okolie described the allegations as “pure blackmail”, stating that his mother’s claims are unfounded. However, he assured our reporter that in due time he will respond with evidences regarding his brothers’ unruly actions. 

On further inquiring on the ranging issue,Hon Jerry said,”My dear, I’m  the victim. My case is not an isolated case. It is a case of serial robbery and malicious damages. Consequently, security agencies, my traditional ruler and other agencies are involved  including the court. In line with ethics of the profession, you should allow your staff to contact them to make  a balance story.  Thanks”,he concluded.