Governor Hope Uzodinma, aside being on a divine mission to revamp the economy of Imo State and restore it’s lost glory, has messiahnic credentials and qualities that will propel him to perform creditably, to the delight of Imo people, who are already applauding his performance so far.

A revered and distinguished traditional ruler, His Royal Majesty, Eze Egwuogu Bonny Ikenna (Ph.D) “Igwe Ohazurumee Nke Izizi”, Ozo Igbondu of Uloano, Ndugba, in Isu local government area of Imo State, stated this in an interactive session with journalists in Owerri, yesterday.

The cerebral monarch, expressed absolute confidence in Governor Hope Uzodinma’s ability and capacity to offer purposeful and people-oriented leadership that will turn around the fortunes of Imo State and make it a force to reckon with in the comity of states.

According to him, “I have known Governor Uzodinma for a very long time. By virtue of his antecedents, purposeful and result-oriented eight (8) year tenure in the senate and his reputation as a go-getter, I have no iota of doubt that he has messiahnic credentials, spiced with administrative acumen and divine enablement to rectify all anomalies, reposition the institutions of governance, sanitize the system, fast track infrastructural development and reinvigorate socio-economic development of the state for the benefit of Imo people and posterity, despite initial hiccups and challenges”.

Responding to a question about claims of non-payment of salaries and pensions, the monarch explained that “as a lecturer at Imo State University, I have been paid salary, uptil June, except that of February. My wife who is also a civil servant has been receiving hers also. However, some of my colleagues in the university are yet to receive theirs because of some mix-ups that are presently being sorted out”.

He reiterated the Governor’s plea that those yet to receive theirs, should exercise patience, stressing that, the Hope Uzodinma government is doing it’s best to rectify accumulated structural damage, noting that “it is easier to destroy than to build”.

He also posited that contrary to insinuations in some quarters that the selective mode of payment adopted to by government is a divide and rule measure, aimed at weakening collective resistance. “The delay in payment of salaries and pensions of some civil servants and retirees is linked to the present government’s desire to block all loopholes and conduit pipes used by past governments to siphon money, sanitize the system, ensure prudence and accountability in governance. “Payment of salaries and pensions have become a cash cow for some selfish and unpatriotic people who lack conscience. Can you imagine recent revelations that some people receive salaries from three different places without working, while some who retired over 12 years ago are still being paid huge sums of money as pensions, among other numerous fraudulent acts. These are some of the issues the Uzodinma led government is battling on all fronts to rectify and streamline, after which normalcy will be restored in all facets”.

Responding to yet another question, the traditional ruler explained that the much talked about oppression, marginalization and repression of Igbos in the Nigerian polity, is the price we have to pay for loosing the civil war. “No matter the pretentious utterances and antics of those in power at the centre, the fact remains that we fought a war and lost. Besides, those that have been consistently in power, were major actors in the war, and have found it difficult to forgive and forget. They have therefore consistently initiated programmes and policies that are aimed at directly or subtly whittling down the influence, power, population and expansivity of Igbos and the Igbo nation”. 

He enjoined Imo people to embrace support, courage and be patient with the Hope Uzodinma led government that is poised to positively rewrite the history of Imo State. The present challenges are temporary and will at the fullness of time be conclusively and effectively addressed”.He also advised traditional rulers in the state to conduct themselves with dignity, decorum and self esteem, befitting their revered positions. He frowned at the attitude of some of them who desecrate their royal stools and reduce the prestige of the traditional institution by pursuing politicians about like errand boys, as witnessed during the Rochas Okorocha administration.