By Obinna Elegalam 

It is a well known legendary tale that ‘It is not the mentally impaired that faces shame, but those of his Household, kits and kin’’ What is boldly inscribed on the faces of ever resilient Mbaike people who because of Uche Ogbuagu gave their mandate to  HENRY NWAWUBA is TEARS OF REGRET!!
Within just one year in the State Legislature, the Man, Amb. Uche Ogbuagu has given even the most die-hard critic reasons to celebrate him. 
I must sincerely thank you Egejuru for your open confession and acknowledgement  that Uche Ogbuagu played key roles, campaigned and convinced NDI MBAIKE for the re-election of Nwawuba, but whether he regrets or finds relish in it, is story for another day!
Uche Ogbuagu is a household name and had a name before venturing into politics. A man who has toured over 32 countries of the globe, won and  received countless awards, nationally, Internationally through Comedy and Creative Media has really built a name for himself. He is a proud owner of five FM Commercial radio stations and a Television Station in the offing, as well as providing consultancy services to media houses and Multi-National Companies in Africa.Uche Ogbuagu has no criminal case anywhere in the country.

This is in sharp contrast to your master who represent us today in Abuja  whose true colour if unmasked, especially in the key roles He played in the Umanah- Umanah saga of 1990s will lead to massive revolt and possible lynching as He will virtually cease to walk on the streets. Story for Another Day!
May I simply give you a little homework during this period of Covid 19 pandemic. Log unto your goggle account on UCHE OGBUAGU, you will be amazed to read that he is the first Nigerian Artiste to own a commercial radio station(s) among other things about him. A gentleman with very sound and clean family background, who has full Igbo blood in him. Story for Another day!
As the Head of Creative Media @ the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, owned by Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah,Ogbuagu’s creative prowess hit the limelight in the creative media business.This was why Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, Ogbuagu’s boss and ally made an open confession @ the opening of MyRadio FM 101.1 Owerri in Akabo home town of Uche Ogbuagu and I quote ’’Uche is an asset of inestimable value’’Another Story For Another Day!

Terming him as a comedian is a big applause because he carved a niche for himself in promoting stand- up comedy and entertainment in Nigeria as over 70 percent of Comedians today across the Niger either passed thorough his tutelage   or borrowed a leaf from him. He has a verified handwork before venturing into politics as everybody knows what he does, unlike most people who have no defined handwork, trade or tutored anyone apart from the Umanah- Umanah saga, Story for Another Day!Amb. Uche Ogbuagu is a full blown Ikeduru son unlike some whose paternity is shrouded in controversy till now.STORY FOR NDI AMAUKWU ORODO!
Within one legislative year, Ikeduruans have been overwhelmed by testimonies of visible projects, No stories, No 50 percent kick-backs, No usurpation of anyone’s transformer, No sexual harassment,No intimidation etc.

The man Uche Ogbuagu has so much merismerised his constituents with real landmark projects and goodwill that even Mbaitolu Indigenes have at various times called on him to cross over to Macedonia and help them but he has repeatedly told them he is considering resting after this round to face his business which gave him the name he has today.
EGEJURU My Essay Writer Brother, I am very thankful to you and happy that you are shooting your paymaster on the foot by saying he had Constituency briefing once before the 2015 elections and before the last general election and that he did same through letter writing!What a Shame! 

I wonder how he will feel the impulse of his Constituents. You refused to mention the projects achieved by YOUR NWAWUBA in 5years. Where He bring 50 slots of Empowerment from President Buhari, lost over 35 on Political transit and bring home 15.Shame!
Uche Ogbuagu has litany of projects spread across Ikeduru which include, renovation and modernization of Orie-Akabo Market, Nkwo- Imo in Amaiom, Orie-Okwu in Okwu Ikeduru, Orie- Umueze in Uzoagba, Donation of 500kva Transformer and energizing it, Modern Classroom Block at Akabo High School, Police Station and Officers Quarters, Powerbikes and Patrol Van to the Police, Modernizing Ikeduru Statdium Iho with state of the art facilities, Tarring of Amii ring-roads among others.They are all on ground for all to see!More Loading!

Mbaike indigenes are very happy that it is the first time in history.
‘The man in him dies, who keeps quiet in anarchy, lukewarm Representation, harassment, intimidation and deception’’- Wole Soyinka
I will urge you to save your strength because whoever rides on Uche Ogbuagu’s back, sagacity, acceptability and prowess to secure mandate and abandons the people will ever go scot free.Clear conscience they say fears no accusation. Representation which is the real issue is beyond social media tantrums and gimmicks. I know you are enjoying this because this is the firstt time EGEJURU will be heard beyond his community because of this  essay on UCHE OGBUAGU, a name to reckon with.However EGEJURU, try to ask yourself one important question in your quiet time! Why you are earning peanuts here at home and marketing A BAD PRODUCT. Are you aware that the real Legislative Aides are in Abuja?

I wonder why you are wasting  your essay writing skills when IMSUBEB  is recruiting Teachers in  Primary  Schools where you rightly belong.Think! 
We should have kept quiet on your piece of rubbish because we are busy with visible projects and life changing schemes which nobody is being pressurized to part with any percentage or registration money or sexually harassed, but we squizzed out our little time to respond to this tantrum to put the records straight.It is morally wrong, suprising and sacrilegious when one is wrong and fails to admit same. Tomorrow you will still pick your pen to write a letter of how President Buhari is not performing or shortchanging the South East people whereas you and your cohorts are sabotaging his efforts in the zone.

To us, emancipation of the poor is ideal  so as to give the masses  a real sense of belonging and make them feel the real impact of government.
If Uche Ogbuagu who earns N3,000,000 could spread Projects which are felt by the people across Ikeduru without any Constituency fund for Projects yet, Why won’t YOUR NWAWUBA, who earns close to N100,000,000 monthly, including salaries  at least justify these huge amounts  in Mbaike, rather than doing the development on social media?
Dead Conscience!! But Quite a laughable venture!
What a shame that YOUR NWAWUBA is holding tenaciously the Umanah- Umanah tricks of the early 90’s! even till now
A day of reckoning is coming.
Think! EGEJURU Think!
Obinna Elegalam is the Media Officer toAmb. Uche Ogbuagu,Honourable MemberRepresenting Ikeduru @IMHA