Says: Uzodinma yet to start after seven months 

Urges Ndi Imo to speak truth to power 

The former Special Assistant to Governor of Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha, on New Media, AIC Akwarandu, has noted that till date, Imolites are still missing the glorious days of Emeka Ihedioha’s administration. “Then the state witnessed aggressive transformation with road construction, rehabilitations of public primary schools and sectorial reforms occasioning the setting up of panels, committees and visitation of tertiary institutions, pursued with vigor”, he started.

Akwarandu made this known while speaking to journalists in Owerri, recently. He could not believe that a new government is in place yet nothing is happening except protest marches.

Akwarandu noted that while Ihedioha was in power, there was calm and sanity in the state and this restored confidence among the Imo populace, adding that though Ihedioha maybe out of power for now, but Imo people can’t wait to have him as their Governor, yet again.

He also stated that the Uzodinma Seven Months Administration cannot be compared in anyway with Ihedioha’s Seven Months, asserting that “Uzodinma is yet to start and does not know how to start”. This attribute he stated justifies the “push and start” derogatory reference to the Hope Uzodinma administration.

Akwarandu urged Imolites to speak truth to power and berated the culture of sycophancy, stressing that no leader can succeed when surrounded by sycophants. 

In his words, “Uzodinma is surrounded by sycophants. When Ihedioha was in Power sycophants were there but were never allowed to take the front seats. But today, all the front rolls are occupied by certified sycophants and no government can survive with that’.