Insists Frank Ibezim not APC member

By Martin Opara

Lady Chidimma Uwajumogu, who indicated interest in the Okigwe senatorial seat presently vacant due to her brother’s, Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu’s death, by contesting last Saturday’s primaries, has described the emergence of Mr Ibezim Ibezim as APC candidate for the Okigwe senatorial election, scheduled for October, as “as ruse, and an effort in futility, “because he emerged through a flawed process” Chidimma Uwajumogu, who stated this while fielding questions from journalists in Abuja over the weekend, berated the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajuiba who she accused of selfishly cornering all positions and appointments due for Okigwe zone, without considering the feelings, wishes and aspiration of others.

She described Nwajiuba’s claim that, “President Buhari, had personally anointed Ibezim and subsequently directed that he be delivered at all cost, as false, watery and inconsequential. “I have used my contacts to investigate his claim and confirmed that he is a name dropper. The president never said such”.

“How can you anoint a person whose membership of APC is questionable and tell other aspirants who are more qualified, educated and exposed to step down for him?”, she queried.  

She wondered why, after meeting with members of the panel, who told then to go and wait for them in their voting centres, for the direct primary election did not show up, stressing that, “if this issue is not properly handled, in line with the principles of justice and fairness, by providing enabling environment, for all to contest and shun all forms of sentiments our great party will not only be impeding it’s growth, electoral strength and spread but will be watering the seeds of discord. Some of us expected the APC to use the opportunity of the forth coming election to reconcile already existing differences but unfortunately the reverse is the case”.

She lamented that Nwajiuba who is fast becoming Mr. Fix it of Imo State had prior to the irritating imposition of Ibezim on the people against their collective wish, appropriated all appointments that came to Okigwe zone, some of which include the Vice Chancellorship of the Federal University in Ebonyi State, which he facilitated for his elder brother, the Federal House of Representative slot which he grabbed for himself and abandoned when the ministerial position that he presently occupies came up.

The highly cerebral lady stated that “the present imposition of Ibezim as APC senatorial candidate for Okigwe zone by Nwajiuba is a litmus test for the party because, most of the aspirants, including those who were compelled to step down are not happy about unfolding developments and have vowed to go to any length to resist the aberration and put a final stop to Nwajiuba’s meddlesomeness and name dropping antics.  

The called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and ensure that due process is followed in choosing a senatorial candidate in the interest of the party.