Leadership in any society remains an act which a few are chosen. It could be inept or acquired but the most outstanding feature must be the ability, that can actually drive the potential in an anchor.

The present day Nigerian Society cannot be anything short of what is obtainable in the civilized clime. The myriads of challenges on how to move forward and catch up with advanced societies therefore becomes the leadership challenge. Hence the expectations in Imo State, nay Nigeria are who and how do we in the present societal enclave, survive?

Imo State since creation on 2nd February 1976 has been faced with the challenge on how to advance forward in the committee of States in the Nigerian Nation. We have had series of leaders ranging from uniformed men to Civilians under Military and Democratic governance. Indeed the challenge has remained unabated.

It is therefore not surprising to observe that some leaders in the past and present have derided leadership by virtue of their chosen method of applications of the rules or ethos of leadership.

In every problem, there must be a solution. 2019 is already here with the masses. There is therefore a compelling need for a search to get a credible, reliable and God fearing democrat that will lead the Imo people right to the promised land. It is not in doubt that God has positioned Imo State to be the heart of Eastern Heartland.

Politics therefore must not be seen as democracy in that it involves a different concept such as the authoritative allocation of values, appropriation of resources to better the lots of the different components of the society. This is true as a true understanding of this is what makes the leadership. There are struggles in the polity. It is only one who knows and under stands this dynamics as such, that can stand out.

It is only a leader in the ranking of people like Chief Collins C. Osuagwu that one is on the right path, aligning with the views of people like Chief Osuagwu.
Apart from being a true democrat he actually understands how the principles of true leadership produces good governance for the people.

True to type, a discreet investigation will avail to anyone who cares, the true antecedents of this Umuebie, Umuduru-Aro, Ugiri Mbano born technocrat is. He has conscientiously involved himself in community services true-works of mercy, by sharing the pains of the down trodden people of his community. Nigerian politicians ahead of are not new. They are the same people who must have by all intents and purposes seen and observed the goings on in the polity. A typical example is what the state has gone through in the hands of the present executive leadership of the state. Don’t ask Questions but observe the mood of the people.

The global world and its inhabitant today are seeing the type of Administration in Imo as a case of a rape on the ethos of global administrative practices. I submit that a veritable solution has come with the willingful acceptance of Chief Collins C. Osuagwu to “come to the point of Need of Ndimo” as we wait for his declaration of intent, I am standing by the side of the truth as Collins C. Osuagwu is undisputable the solution to the myriads of Administrative and political challenges of Imo State.