Marriage has been often described as a union of two persons often a male and another female (usually adults). Marriage within the human society is primarily meant for friendship, partnership but naturally for procreativity. It is one single act or practice that differentiates the homo-sapiens from the other species and the biological human beings in many cultures are highly revered, respected, adored and preserved hence the partners to a marriage are full of good looks, tenderness, kindness and devoted to each other preferring the union to last forever if there is anything like that.


Marriage in the human society takes many formats naturally, culturally or traditionally which leave the partners to this wonderful union totally demanding and jealous of each other. It is the union of marriage that has kept mankind growing and developing according to group or kinds. The Christian Bible states that the maker of mankind made the first marriage of one man one woman in the Garden of Eden a huge celebration. When man fell from grace to grass in the garden of Eden, he embraced plural marriages and as the descendants continued to grow, the ethos of stable marriages evolved.

Hence in todays world, we have monogamy, Polygamy, polyandry, un-natural marriage, deviant marriages same sex or marriages to animals. Some believed that some marriages are made in heaven but today we discover that many are made or formulated in halest pit of hell. The reverence and sacredness as well as the great importance of the marriage institution can be observed in the many strenuous or stringent patterns of formalizing or solemnizing this union in many cultures and religion.

As a matter of fact, the marriage institution is supposed to carry with it the highest respect and responsibility for the growth of mankind and perhaps fear of God. One great anathema about this union is the separation called Divorce. From the beginning of time especially in our clime, culture and religion (traditional or foreign) Divorce puts a stigma on the partners and immensely affects the future of any offsprings of such abandoned unions. Equally, offsprings of unions out of formalized wedlock or broken homes are usually stigmatized and traumatized.

Today the world is turning upside down and the abnormal now becomes normal. The unusual becomes norms. Approach our courts, welfare centres, traditional rulers palaces and one would be alarmed at the millions of divorce cases arising from acts of incompatibility, infidelity, mistrust, poverty, deviant activity, academic and economic imbalances and social strata.

As a result of too many cases of divorce around us and plethora or avalanche of pending divorce cases, there is a high rise in the population of bastards, abandoned children, single parents, deviant youths, drunks, prostitution, robbers and the likes. These divorces are the results of shallow rooted union or false/fake marriages. Most modern youths (boys/ girls) enter into what is generally regarded as marriage, untutored, unqualified and unprepared. Many marriages today are either commercial marriages or covenant or convince marriages which are usually bound to break up when the chips are down and the scales fall off the eyes of the hitherto, blind lovers.

Once we observe that the marriage tradition is one institution that must be preserved for the continuity of mankind, otherwise our race may be off the face of the earth and our place taken over by robots or combination of dogs, cats and horses or laboratory formulated beings. It is worthwhile to stem the tide of divorce cases around us. We should try to checkmate the ever growing incidents of unholy co-habitation of students in our institutions, many plural foreign marriages of male youths to acquire green cards with deceitful home marriages to appease parents and society. Traditional and religious leaders should wake up in their duties to God and mankind to preach against fake/false marriages and not to uphold abnormalities in pursuit of material wealth to establish palace and bogus churches.

The new divorce syndrome amongst the intolerable youths because of money should be tackled and checked. Parents should take up their responsibility of advancing our society in virtue norms, knowledge and holiness. The so called wealthy ones mostly in their early fourties and mid sixties who constitute the sugar daddies and big boys should have a fresh look at what they have done to the society. Soon marriages will be abrogated and divorce established in our states and religious books and when this is done our society will be at the end, that is Amagedom.

Divorce is one serious ill-wind that blows no one good. It destroys the union, the domestic family extended family, the community and the offsprings and gives greater rise, to mental homes, motherless homes, prison in mates and mindless, careless carefree godless people with a mission, vision or goal.
Let us co-operate and deemphasize divorce. Let us rise above the animals and restore the dignity of man in the union of marriage. Let us return to our culture, tradition through family and societal values and the security as well as dignity of man in a mono – polygamous marriage rather than resort to confused, mad, lawless, divorce cartel.