My mission is for the betterment of Amawom…..youths, says Nne Peace Njemanze

The crisis rocking the Amawom Youth Organization election is over as it will hold as scheduled on Sunday November 19, 2017, in Owerri following the intervention of the DSS that cleared the two earlier candidates who were incidentally disenfranchised by the electoral committee after Amawom Welfare Association (A.W.A) called for peace, equity and fair play saying all should be allowed to run.

Speaking, Miss Nne Peace Njemanze from Umu-Njemanze kindred, Owerri who is contesting for the post of Chair-lady but who was initially not given the form to run by the electoral committee said she felt bad when she was earlier disenfranchised. She stated that she is happy to be eventually allowed contest and attributed her clearance by DSS to divine intervention because, “with God all things are possible”.


She disclosed that she is running for the post of Chair-lady because she has better plans for the youths and her mission/vision is for the betterment of Amawom youths. She advised all to ensure peace and see that there is no crisis so that the election holds peacefully and harmoniously, as envisaged.

She appealed to everybody to give peace a chance and allow the sleeping dog to lie because the election is not a do or die affair. According to our investigation, some electoral committee members (names withheld) had asked for the sum of N30,000 bribe from the candidate and those who could not pay were marked for disenfranchisement so as not to run for the election.

The intervention of the Directorate of State Security (DSS) Imo state, who was alerted, has so far cleared the air and doused the tension paving way for lady Njemanze to participate in the election.