Mixed reaction trails DSS involvement in the arrest of suspects 

A Permanent Secretary in the service of Imo State Government Mr. Nobert Okoro who was recently kidnapped is speculated to have some vital information regarding the recent, yet to be unveiled pension scam rocking the state.

The state government recently, raised an alarm over fraud, for which twelve staff of the pensions board were arrested and handed over to the Directorate of State Security (DSS). Sources close to the board disclosed that during their interrogation, each of the arrested and detained persons pointed accusing fingers at a senior staff of the board one Ms Chinyere Uwandu who was at that point, away on overseas trip.

Armed with the available information, it was alleged that the state chief executive declared the said Chinyere Uwandu a wanted person. When the young lady got wind of the news that she was wanted and perhaps assuming innocence of any crime, hurried back home and voluntarily reported herself to the office of the DSS Owerri.

Our source also revealed that at the DSS office, Ms Uwandu, disclosed how monthly deductions were made from money meant for payment of pensions and how these deductions were shared among top government officials and a particular political appointee.

Armed with this vital information, the security men took Chinyere Uwandu to the governor who on sensing that public officials have been indicted ordered for her immediate release.

While this drama was on, it was gathered that pensioners in the state, had petitioned the Directorate of State Security headquarters Abuja to mount pressure on Owerri DSS office to release and make public their findings as regards the alleged scam. The senior citizens are also using their own sources to monitor information and are suspicious that the kidnap of Mr. Okoro who is a Permanent Secretary with the board may not be far-fetched.

When contacted a retired Permanent Secretary Comrade F.I. Agba confirmed that the Permanent secretary was kidnapped and that he was his junior in service.