Says Uche Nwosu can’t represent youths’ interest

An elite youth group in Imo under the aegis of Imo Youth Mandate Forum (IMYMF) has come out courageously to attack and condemn Governor Rochas Okorocha’s statement on age limit for Imo governorship aspirants which they observed was a mechanism to create room for his surrogate son in law who the group advised to discard and jettison the ambition as Imo youths will not stand for him.


In a statement released in Owerri, over the weekend the youth group observed that the proposed age limit choice of the governor is not in the best interest of Imo youths who can no longer be deceived by a mere gimmick by Chief Okorocha meant to achieve his ambition of perpetuating himself in office through his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu.

In the statement signed by the group’s president, Mr. Chibuike Odunze, the youths said inter alia, “ there is no doubt that governor Okorocha is marketing his son-inlaw and is drumming up age limit syndrome, pretending and entrenching himself in office like his friends in the South African region”. The group equally observed that if ever given the mandate, “Uche Nwosu who has become very arrogant recently will not represent the youths where he rightly belongs but his father inlaw and all those beating the drums for him now.

The youth leader who is the former president of Orluzurumee students said Okorocha should not take Imo people for a further ride, “come to talk about it “is there any programme or policy for which Okorocha is known or identified, that Uche Nwosu cannot be worse for?”
He said, Imolites will resist any attempt by Okorocha to foist Uche or any other crony on Imo people.

He contended that Uche Nwosu at his age has become unaccessible and  has changed his phone numbers, and takes delight in fighting his fellow young men when he has not become Governor; what if given the mandate? He further re-iterated that Imo youth mandate will not support any such project in the name of supporting one of their own. “Surely he will be subjective to his father-inlaw and those sponsoring him now and that is why we therefore call on him to jettison that ambition for the youth group has vowed to mobilize massively for a legitimate candidate that will be answerable to the people.
Uche is noted for flouting orders. For instance, he has not been named or nominated as a successor or candidate yet he goes about building structures and campaigning.