Basking in the euphoria of their recent appointments and elevation to the office of commissioners for Public Safety and Transport, respectively, Chidi Nwaturuocha and Lasbrey Okoroafor Anyanwu, have been overzealous and doing everything to impress their employer, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. 

The two commissioners, were recently alerted that the government banned keke operators who have been warned against, operating beyond the road safety junction along Owerri/Mbaise road, Egbu  have been trespassing beyond Christiana junction and at times operating within the prefab area at Ikenegbu Housing Estate, Owerri. In order to stem the tide of the incursion of keke operators beyond road safety junction, Egbu, the two commissioners, assisted by operatives of Imo Security Network and Civil Defence, embarked on a suicide mission to fish out and arrest the illegal keke operators, for trespassing.

However the two commissioners were resisted when police men on regular road check points at the Shoprite Egbu road junction Owerri accosted them and enquired to know why they were carrying many kekes in their truck. When they could not adduce good reasons for impounding the kekes, the police now ordered them offloaded and told the owners to take possession of their tricycles. It was at this point that the two commissioners feeling full of themselves, disembarked from their vehicles and instead of introducing themselves politely to the police officers, challenged their action. It was gathered that they received several beatings from the officers who felted slighted.      

When contacted, Lasbrey Okoroafor Anyanwu who sounded like someone recovering from shock, denied ever being beaten up. Meanwhile, another trouble is brewing at the Ministry of Transport under Lasbrey Okoroafor Anyanwu. While the Governor claims to have procured at least 2000 taxi cabs, what were on the road presently are barely 300 branded taxis, each of which pays at least N60,000 just to paint and register as township taxi. It is this huge amount extorted from taxi cabs with which Okorocha hopes to buy over INEC in 2019 governorship election, that forced his commissioners on a suicide mission that left them with bruises. There are indication that all other taxis and individuals vehicles which are presently on the roads as township taxis will be compelled to pay the compulsory N60,000 for registration and painting otherwise they would be banned and impounded by the two commissioners.