The Imo State coordinator of Buhari Agenda 2019, has stated that Imo State will remain on the track of social, economic and infrastructural development, if President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Rochas Okorocha’s loyalists, otherwise, called “Agwuru Anyi” are re-elected in the 2019, general elections.

He averred that, “anything short of ensuring victory for will be a reverse gear that will place Imo State on rapid downward mobility that will impact negatively on the people.

The seasoned engineer popularly called “Igwe Oku”, said, it will only take an acolyte, mentored by Okorocha to sustain, consolidate and improve on the governor’s tremendous achievements in the areas of free education and infrastructural development. “All those intizing Governor Okorocha’s exploits are the real enemies and nemesis of the people”.

On the issue of the president’s re-election, he said, Buhari deserves our votes for a second tenure, considering what he is doing on the second Niger bridge, the construction and renovation of the Enugu-Port Harcourt road, the Owerri-Aba road all major roads in the South East that were dilapidated that are now being rehabilitated by the president Buhari administration, as work on them, is presently in progress.

He advised the people to key in support the programmes and policies of the APC and also ensures the re-election of President Buhari and all those that will contest on the platform of the APC, stressing that anything short of that will not be in our interest. 

The Orlu born business mogul said, politics is a call to service and not for personal aggrandizement. “President Buhari and governor Okorocha, epitomize this fact, hence they are my role models”.