– Says present day Jerusalem is not ancient Jerusalem

The author of the book “Igbo mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life series” and a Prince in the Royal Njemanze Dynasty of Owerri Municipal Council, Prof. (Dr.) Philip Njemanze, has revealed that Jesus was born at St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Naze in Owerri North Local Government Area.

Prof. Njemanze made the  strange disclosure in a radio programme on “Zanders FM 105.7 impact series” adding that it has been conclusively and scientifically proven that Igbo people are the only ancient Jews who have the “Semite gene LI Haplo group”, which dates back to 150,000 to 240,000 years ago.


He also noted that no white man can be an ancient biblical Jew because all white people have the N and M Haplo group which dates back only 7,000 to 12,000 years while according to him the white people of the states of Israel are only Jewish converts pointing out that this scientific evidence is the reason why the highest scientific body of the United Nations, UNESCO affirmed that the Jews of the state of Israel are not ancient Jews and therefore the present day Jerusalem is not ancient Jerusalem.

Prof. Njemanze who is also the chairman, Global Pro-life Alliance, (GPA) disclosed that the positions of UNESCO offended the Prime Minister of Israel who pulled out the state of Israel from UNESCO, the same way the United States of America (USA) recently pulled out from UNESCO noting that this does not change the real scientific evidence that the present day Jerusalem is not the biblical Jerusalem.

He asserted that the correct ancient Jerusalem is called Iyi e rusalam which is the ancient name of Owerri which got its name from the title of Kind David (Di wu edo, meaning “a man who is fair in complexion) which his family is to this day, the royal family or Njemanze (Na eje ama ana eze, meaning, they go to become kings of the indigenous people).

The medical expert revealed  that the royal dynasty of David (Njemanze) was promised a child-Eri kwere Nwa meaning the ancient of days promised a child, which is a kindred name in Amawom (Ama owe m) meaning “the compound of my leader, King David) and it is still called a street Erekwerenwa off Njemanze Street adding that it was announced by the Prophet, Isaiah (Isaa Iho, meaning “if you answer the divine light) a man who was known in Igbo language as Okolochi (Oko olu chi, meaning “the young man who is the voice of God from the village of Okolochi in Owerri West L.G.A.

He maintained that Jesus was born at a place called Ebelebe in Naze (Naezere uta oha, meaning “dodged the arrow of the leaders) this referred to as Herod (A horo di isi meaning “the chosen one at the top”) who was the roman prelate in the old Owerri District and had his office at Government House revealing that Herod ordered that the children two years and under should be killed in the village in Naze called Umuakali Eli (Umuaka eli elu) meaning, “the children of the most high God.

Prince Njemanze pointed out that the news of the intended killing of Jesus got to Joseph (onye o je eso afu, meaning “the person he accompanies to go out) and Mary (Amara ya, meaning “the grace of God) and were told to run away for him to be delivered (Agbala ya jiputa) that is why the next village where they ran to is called Agbala where he was hidden in the kindred where he dodged the terror) at a place called St. Albert Catholic Church and Jesus lived for ten years with his parents.

Dr. Njemanze called for these places to be recognized as holy sites both by the church and UNESCO since it is now obvious for the entire world that the holy sites of Jerusalem and Bethlem are only but a tourist hoax and have nothing to do with ancient Jerusalem.