– Says only white ladies who have nothing to do with money, pay them

A Pentecostal prosperity preaching pastor (name withheld) with a church located at World Bank Housing Estate Owerri, Imo state has endorsed the activities of those commonly called “Yahoo-Yahoo Boys”, who extort money from unsuspecting white ladies looking for young black sex mates.

The pastor, who is also a lecturer in one of the prestigious tertiary institutions in Owerri, said he was so disturbed when some parents who worship in his church reported their children of engaging in internet fraud and bringing home much money from doing nothing other than operating their handsets or laptops.

Some of the boys who were secondary school drop-outs and undergraduates were known to have acquired so much property and currently driving in choice jeeps and even limousines while doing nothing in particular to earn decent living. Their parents were therefore worried that such children cannot justify the type of money and investment they have.

It was as a result of this fear by the parents that their children and wards may be involved in money rituals and doing the diabolical to make money that he summoned some of the well known yahoo boys in his church to appear before him with their laptops. At the meeting, the pastor told the yahoo boys how their activities were bringing bad name and disrepute to the church and therefore asked them to prove him wrong if they are not doing fetish things to make money. He told them also that their parents were afraid they will die if they partake in the sudden wealth.

After explaining that the yahoo system does not permit rituals or fetish oat taking and satanic cultism, the boys told the pastor they however beg for money from desperate female British or American divorcees or widows who have so much to spend. One after the other they opened their laptops and engaged in friendly and mutual chats with their oversea lovers some too old to be their mothers and grandmothers but who usually sympathize with their economic and social conditions and part freely with some of their monies without been hurt or feeling cheated. They succeeded in convincing the pastor that they are not dubious and not doing anything simister for quick wealth

After going through the session, the pastor was so convinced that there is nothing fetish, ritualistic or demonic about the yahoo system and blessed them to carry on with it if only to improve their background and fortunes. He accused foreign ladies of luring under aged Nigeria boys to bed simply because they consider the boys as very poor and beggarly, and could accept o sleep with women older than their mothers.