Mr. Chinedu Hardy Nwadike the Founder of OtownGist Media & Entertainment has frowned at the common nature of OAPs in Imo State, adding that if they don’t repackage, there won’t be anything special about them again.

Hardy who is the President of Imo State Bloggers Association, said the profession has lost its flare as some people in it don’t even understand the weight they carry.

He said; “I often hide my face when I hear some people I meet are OAPs. They might have the swagger on radio but when you meet them, you don’t just feel that aura of someone you listen to over the radio”

“The packaging is just too poor and some of them don’t even dress 30% of the way someone in showbiz should. They just appear as petty traders because they think people won’t recognize them”

“I have seen fans become disappointed because of this and it is doing more harm than good to young people joining the industry as well as the old timers who know the in and out of their onion”

Recalling when OAPs became the first celebrities in Imo State, Hardy said it would be nice to bring back those days when people on the radio and television were seen as they sounded.

He urged those dragging the image of the trade to the muds to repackage themselves so as to become the fans’ favourites again.

“You can’t board devil’s airways and expect to meet Jesus at the airport. These are the voices our people adore and I think they should always do their fans a little favour by always looking good to avoid that regular disappointment the fans feel every now and then.”

“Again, they should get involved in the show and not just the biz or just sit at home and the office. They should get in other media, throw their faces out there for people to read about them. If you want to play in the Champions League, you must take a flight”

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike who is also an author, recently released his third novel, ‘Just a Girl’s Story’, with accolades pouring in from different angles because of the boldness in the story which talks about self-inflicted pains on women.