The President, “Orlu Youth Mandate Forum (OYMF)”, Comr. Collins Ogbonna, has reacted to the purported endorsement by those he described as uninformed youths and stranger elements, drawn from Ugwumba Movement and other organizations which are blindly loyal to the government, and their diabolical posturings. 

Ogbonna who was also a Student Union Leader, stated this while addressing the press shortly after the groups meeting in Orlu, over the weekend. He described the purported endorsement of Uche Nwosu as a hoax and the highest deceit and joke of the year.

This deception has been taken too far for according to Ogbonna “it is unthinkable for any right thinking person in the state to do as stupid as this, considering that the government Uche Nwosu serves has subjected Imolites to agony and hardship for almost 7years. “The charade therefore is an attempt to elect Okorocha for the 3rd term”, he averred.

In his further reaction, he stated thus “it is heart breaking the way Okorocha had within his almost eight years in office failed to address a single problem and could not concertedly create a single permanent job for Imo youths but had maliciously sacked 10,000 graduates’ youths employed by his successor into the state civil service.

Continuing in he said “as a group, we don’t want to talk about Uche Nwosu, until he declares officially his intention to become governor”. The Orlu group said they can only support, any candidate with the capacity and political will to recover all looted treasury and illegally acquired or appropriated land by the Okorocha rescue mission government.

“Those who claim to have endorsed Uche Nwosu can never be true, or sane Imolites. This is because no reasonable or right thinking Imolite would ever think of doing so hence strangers were deliberately recruited for the exercise”.

Finally, Ogbonna enjoined all Imolites to disregard the charade called “endorsement of Uche Nwosu” for governor as it does not hold any water adding that the Orlu youths will never be part of it or fall for such gimmicks. He concluded by explaining that investigations have revealed that no single youth from Orlu zone except for those under their payroll.