Queenzy Uzodinma is an artiste, sound engineer, event manager and presently a talent manager who is looking forward to achieving so much in the entertainment industry. As she works towards unveiling fresh ideas in Owerri, the Imo State capital, she talks with CHINEDU HARDY NWADIKE of www.otowngist.com, about experience and strength and the big impact she is set to make in the industry.


I am Queenzy Uzodinma, an artiste, sound engineer, event manager and artiste manger.

The journey so far
I started in Enugu in 2004 as an artiste with Dekumzy as my first producer. I’ve been doing music but have done some stuffed in the media. I’ve written for magazines; done talent and studio management and the rest of it.

Life as an artiste
I went by the name Queenzy. It is my name and also my stage name. I did Afro Pop and Afro Hiphop with couple of songs and then I was based in Enugu.
Music for me ended in 2013 when I went into sound engineering and I trained with Dan Jiggy one of the ace sound engineers in Nigeria. Even when I have not been so active in music, I still write and perform on stage.

How the Talent Management began
I went into talent management because people were pushing me. It is because of something they were seeing in me. They kept telling me that I will make a good talent manager.
I was running from it until Dan Jiggy asked me to manage him. At that moment I stopped running and decided to give it a try.
When I gave it a try, I discovered that part of me that could manager others and I also noticed the difference I was making in the lives of the people I was managing. It was obvious in Dan Jiggy’s life.
Everything was like that until I decided to relocate to Owerri in 2016.

Life in Owerri
Before coming to Owerri, I heard a lot about the city. I heard there were so many talents and untapped opportunities in the city. I saw it as a very good thing for anyone who feels he has something great to offer. For me it was a great move and I am enjoying it at the moment.

Impact in Owerri
I’ve done a lot in the area of trying to make lots of entertainers understand they need a good talent manage to manager their affairs. It has just been on that sensitization level and I have also done some stuffs in event management.
I have been involved in other people’s events which turned out to be successful. Last year, I was also part of the team that coordinated Imo State contingents at the Calabar Carnival 2017. There are other events I have been part of and the good news is that all of them have been very successful.
Another impact I have made is to guide artistes I have met one-on-one; I have advised them on what to do and the next step they are supposed to take in their career.

The next step
I see myself being a crucial part of successful artiste lives. I see myself being that backbone for many of them in their decision making, because I have noticed that most artiste here only understand the show; but know nothing about the biz attached to the ShowBiz.
It is about making them know the business behind the showbiz and when they avoid certain mistakes, they end up bettering their careers. This is just one way they can achieve their dreams as artistes.

Managing males
It is challenging; everyone goes through challenges once or twice in their lives or many times. It is a challenge I need to face because there’s nothing good that comes easy.
For me it is strictly business, even when I have a good rapour with them.
I have good rapour with males and females in the industry here, but for me, it is strictly business.