Alarm and clarion call! “Our husband has gone mad again” when madness goes into the market it becomes hard to cure, cry a beloved country” “Imo must be free again” “turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer. No longer at ease” surely, “they have put a knife in the things that held us together and things have fallen apart” “Education is our highest industry, Dee Sam, education must be free”, Owelle.

The above prelude takes us to some point of discussion and importance. Education for all, what type of education? E-education, Re-education, classical education, education from the pit of hell, education without morality, character, culture, or religion, education of hollow contents, education of depravity, insanity, corruption and madness and aimed at creating new citizens for the kingdom of darkness. We believe that man was created by God in His image and likeness and He (God) gave man the power to procreate other men in same like. However deceived by the evil one man disobeyed God and thus discovered his nakedness yet God in his love and magnanimity covered the nakedness of man but for several millennium the evil one and his offsprings continue to challenge God, thus exposing the nakedness of man.

On Thursday may 3rd 2018 the city of Owerri with its streets stretching 30km radius to the peoples common property, the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport went agog and berserk with thousands of idle Imo youths, students, few artisans but largely members of the association of elite commercial sex workers, mindlessly captured young politicians, members of the gay club, the lesbians, members of the common club, the hashish, hippies from the commons, raster’s and gang smokers, et al.

“Igbo smoking group”, also joined by some respected persons of the entertainment and music industry, all trooped out at the invitation of our elected governor to herald and welcome our son an acclaimed celebrity and winner of the “2018 edition of the publicly condemned reality “show of shame” BB Naija in far away South Africa. The country whose streets were recently painted with the blood of innocent Imolites, doing business there and a country whose leader was recently forced to abdicate office on charges of corruption, malfeasance, immorality and was eulogized and a statue erected in his honour in our state capital. A role model who our own leadership wants to copy, Illuminati Free Education from the pit of hell, No. 666.

Many may not know or care about what happens in the reality shows or other entertainment industries but we all care about what happens to our custom, tradition, culture and most importantly our education. The constitution allows every citizen some inherent right but the constitution also allows for a government of the people, by the people and for the people and this explains why the people raise their voices to question the making of a “celebrated showman” and entertainer or rather jester in the kings court, “an Ambassador of Education”.
We do not have anything against the young entertainer, but the big and all embracing questions from the public, the politicians, traditional rulers, religious leaders, academics, inventors researchers, professionals, the media and all men who fear and worship God to the governor who awarded this mass revered respected honour to the recipient ambassador.
Our Owelle, the great commander of free education in Nigeria, is the rationale and attribute that qualifies “Miracle” for this award of honour not in industry, music entertainment or show biz but Ambassador of Education”. No Your Excellency, this is an aberration and abnormally. Our emperor, the High Priest of Imo and Perpetual Traditional Prime Minister Owelle, we say no to this insult to one of the things we hold in high esteem.

The common legacy we want to leave for our children. Is Imo state bereft and lacking in distinguished persons in the field of education to act as our diplomats? We are superrich in the population of scholars, researchers, education innovators et cetera here in Nigeria and all over the world who can market our policy practice method and style of education. By the way what type of education are we hoping the new Ambassador to exhibit and export.
Education in public nuisance, education without morality, education that negates culture and has no respect for tradition, education that debases manhood and casts slur on the dignity of man. The sort of education, that makes man object of caricature. As a matter of fact, some classes of the animal kingdom cannot make or breed when caged, talk more of ambassador of education that can reduce man into the class of tools, dogs and he goats when clamped together as housemates, an action beamed to the glare of the world.

Your Excellency this is not only a disservice to our people, our culture, tradition and education and civilization but a rape on the dignity of founders and lovers of education. This amounts to throwing children’s food to the dogs-sacrilege. This newspaper in the year highlighted the inherent danger of oddities of our free world and the negative impact or influence of BBNIJA Reality show, which was clandestinely sponsored by satan’s agents in Imo today heralded by fathers of demolition and destruction.