–    Guber aspirant from Mbaise gets more desperate

While Imo citizens and political observers are still reveling in the unfolding of events undemocratic processes of nationwide ward congresses of the ruling political party from where other political parties should draw a lesson, an unconfirmed source has revealed that political aspirants in another major political party All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), are indulging in the nefarious and devilish act of “oath taking” to win party leaders, delegates and voters as loyalists to their cause.

About a forth night ago when the news filtered into our newsroom and publicized by this tabloid, the publicity secretary of the party was quick to react to the publication denying knowledge of any such oath or obnoxious practice in his party where over 18 aspirants have signaled their intention to vie for the number one seat of government in the state.
Ahead of the APGA congress and primaries subsequent to the 2019 general elections, grapevine sources indicate that a rich new entrant and gubernatorial aspirant in a bid to have a firm grip of the power structure in the state preparatory to the 2019 contest had promised expensive gifts to some members of the party hierarchy on the condition that they take oaths in some shrines or sacred places.

Our source revealed that the new entrant who hails from Mbaise had last week reached out to the party’s local government Chairmen through one of their colleagues with the promise of one unbranded Toyota Sienna car and the cash sum of one million naira each only on one condition, that they will swear an oath to keep faith and abide with him and his structure.
According to our unconfirmed source, the oath taking ritual has been slated for Wednesday 9th May, 2018 at a secret yet to be disclosed to the participants.
The source revealed that it is on record that this aspirant has hardly reckoned with the party on the hope that as elections draw nearer with his money and influence he can buy over delegates, officials, and the electorate as usual but times are changing and people are learning.

Meanwhile all the known aspirants who want to take over government from the peoples party, APGA have been consulting, canvassing and strategizing on the best method to be the party’s flag bearer in the strong belief that APGA still remains the party of South Easterners with the old logo associated with the founding fathers of this region.