The Deputy National Chairman of United Progressive Party (UPP), Chief (Sir) Ejike Uche, popularly called Dimkpasaa, has lambasted Governor Rochas Okorocha for his numerous atrocities against Imo people in the past seven years of his administration, stating that, the time of reckoning has eventually come.

Chief Uche regretted that, Governor Okorocha, who was a product of mass movement, “soon, after assumption of office, reneged on all his campaign promises and made the same people, on whose back he rode to power, victims of his obnoxious, insensitive, purposeless and inept administration”.

He stated this in a release dated 31st October 2018 and signed by him.

“Okorocha relegated accountability, due process and rule of law, to the background, disrespected court orders, instititualized corruption, impunity and familiocracy. Worst of all, he subjected pensioners and civil servants to untold hardship by owing them several months arrears of their statutory emoluments, despite billions of naira provided by the Federal government. He also, conscienceless, embarked on wanton destruction of people’s properties and forcefully acquired those he,aides, officials and members of his family could not appropriate”.

The political big masquerade, who was a former Commissioner for Public Utilities and later, Housing and Urban Planning opined that, Okorocha who promised to rescue the people, unleashed hardship, pain, and agony of unimaginable proportion on them by demolishing their homes, shops, offices and markets in the guise of his failed urban renewal programme. “He has crowned it all by insisting on imposing his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu as governor in 2019, against the wish of Imolites and has, in the process, heat up the polity and truncated the relative peace in the state”.

Dimkpasaa noted that, “the Ogboko, Ideato South born governor, who forgets that the mills of justice grind slowly but ever steadily, is presently afraid of his shadows, hence his desperation to impose a successor who will cover his ignoble and questionable tracks. But unfortunately, the time of reckoning has unavoidably come, and with the unfolding developments, it will soon dawn on him that power is transient and is always held in trust for the people”.

Dimkpasaa, known for his unwavering stand on contemporary issues, opined that UPP is presently the beautiful bride and the party to beat in 2019, because of it’s cohesion, unity of purpose and array of credible, committed and undented candidates who are no recycled politicians”. Besides, we conducted free, fair and transparent congresses, devoid of protests, rancour and acronym, further highlights the fact the UPP places much premium on due process, internal democracy, rule of law, equity, justice and fairness as opposed to APGA, APC, PDP and the rest of them whose congresses and primary elections have been trailed by protests, crises and litigations, occasioned by alleged imposition of candidates and lack of transparency.

“These are eye openers to Imolites. How can political parties that are unable to manage their internal affairs be entrusted with the welfare of Imo peoples”?