A Human Rights Activist and Labour leader, who triples as the Secretary of Retired Permanent Secretaries in Imo state, Comrade Fabian I. Agba, has called on Imo people to hold the Imo State Governor Okorocha responsible for the death of his wife, Mrs Caroline Agba, who died just a few days ago at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri, at the same time, called on Imo House of Assembly to immediately impeach the Governor as a way of conquering him.

Mr Agba, contended that the Governor was owing his dead wife 50 months arrears of pension same as other teachers while also owing civil servants about 40 months arrears of salary, which he said, apart from his wife has led to death of hundreds of Imo pensioners.

Responding to a question, Comrade Agba argued that the only way for Imolites and their legislators to get even and conquer the lion, is to impeach Governor Okorocha, so that he does not become pensionable after leaving office.

He contended that the Governor has almost succeeded in his endeavours and exploits, having shared and sold the Government House at shell camp on the protest that he had returned the land owners of Orji, after partitioning and selling some of the plots to a few notable Orji indigenes.

He argued that it was not Okorocha’s constitutional right to choose a successor or Governor for the people of Imo state, and argued further that “if Okorocha is not impeached right now, he must have defeated Imo finally as he will continue to remain and enjoy his pension for life, as a Governor. His impeachment will make him vulnerable and send him to jail for all the crimes he committed against the state, especially civil servants and pensioners”.

Comrade Agba revealed that his wife, Caroline Nnenna Agba died at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri, at the age of 69, after he had spent all he could and even borrowed so much to maintain and sustain her with assistance of a few friends.

It would be recalled that several pensioners including the erstwhile Chairmen of Nigeria Union of Pensioners and his successor, Mr Nwokeji and Ezeji respectively, both of who died clutching their unclaimed pension cheques, which were unpaid for several years while Governor Okorocha introduced a pension formular that ceded 60% of each retirees pension to himself. Despite a court ruling ordering Okorocha to pay arrears of such outstanding pension, the Governor reneged. Instead, he subjected the geriatric elders to series of verifications.