More revelations have emerged regarding the reason for the invitation of the current Accountant General of Imo State, Sir Casmir Uzoho by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) last week, Friday, March 8, 2019, a day to the governorship and House of Assembly elections.

According to an insider source, the invitation was in connection to the numerous fraudulent deals by his predecessor, Hon. Stella Udogu, who was only recently disgraced out of office by His Excellency,Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

Our source also disclosed that, the erstwhile Accountant General, Mrs. Udogu, was very reckless in managing public funds so much that she never took records of transactions and was always ready to play ball as long as she was sure of her own share of the proceeds. “These are the problems she created and like you know, government is a continuum hence, if any agency wishes to make enquiries on issues that border on the office, the current AG will have to answer”, he stated.

He further revealed how Mrs Udogu had within one year as Accountant General of Imo state acquired several properties in virtually every part of the state and overseas. He mentioned in particular one of such eye popping property that is located at New Owerri.

It will be recalled that ousted Accountant General of Imo state, Mrs Stella Udogu was only last year November relieved of her duty as a result of series of petitions by civil servants whose salaries were at different times deducted unilaterally by her, thereby creating bad image for the rescue mission government.

There were also cases of delay in payment of contractors for non-payment of kick back and was only willing to pay those ready to do her biddings.

When asked to rate the performance of the current Accountant General (AG), our source stated that, “he is well trained as an accountant, unlike the former, who rose as an educationist to become an accountant”. According to him, the current AG is quite thorough and has discharged his duties professionally, which is why since he took over office, you would hardly hear civil servants complain of non-payment of salary.

Continuing, he said, “one of the challenges I think Mr Uzoho is having is being able to contend with overzealous government appointees who would always want him to play along as was obtainable with Mrs. Stella Udogu”.