A group which goes by the name, “Campaign for Reformed Imo Civil Servants Movement”, led by Comrade Tochukwu Okereke, has accused the former Accountant General of the State, Mrs Stella Udogu, of abusing her office, recklessly. The group also described her as grossly incompetent and one who does not seem to know her role as Accountant General.

In a petition to the Presidency which copy was made available to Tuesday Watchdog, the group accused the Anti-Corruption Agencies of compromise in handling petitions against Stella Udogu.

They argued that Stella Udogu does not have any immunity clause for which she should not be arrested and prosecuted for fraud, and wondered why the Anti-Corruption Agencies have reneged in their duties to investigate the source of her wealth.

They were surprised that rather than prefer charges against Stella Udogu, she only visits the Anti-Corruption offices and come back home without been prosecuted or even interrogated, to enable them unravel the criminalities she has so far perpetrated in office which are very glaring and of public knowledge.

“This is a woman who while in office as Accountant General of Imo State, did not know her financial obligation. Having read “Educational Accountancy”, she ought to know the role of an Accountant General so much that every fund, be it statutory allocation, bailout or relief fund and the IGR, must first address the issue of salary payment as captured in the constitution.

In her case, whenever the funds are available, Stella Udogu only need verbal instruction or directive of the governor before she shares or disburses the funds. This is what happened in the case of the bailout fund”, the group volunteered, stressing that she was merely an accomplice in the thievery.

The group alleged that by her compromised attribute while serving as AG, Stella Udogu is totally the wealthiest civil servant, serving or retired in Imo state.

“In Owerri alone, her personal properties and investments are worth N10 billion. At Nath Udogu street, Udenwa estate New Owerri, she acquired a number of sprawling acres of land, where she has since completed an eye popping edifice, furnished with gold plated furniture. She has other choice properties and mansions at Ikenegbu extension and elsewhere in Owerri.

Stella Udogu according to the group was a mere tenant before her appointment as AG, and could not have acquired such primitive wealth and opulence within so such a period without being an accomplice in the gross mismanagement of bailout fund which committee she was a member along side Uche Nwosu and Dr Paschal Obi.

Hence, Stella Udogu must be held responsible for the sufferings, pain and agonies of the pensioners, contractors etc”they revealed.

The group vowed to enumerate and catalogue the total member of choice and expensive properties acquired by the woman within barely three years as AG.

A close source to the former AG, Stella Udogu, confirmed that well over 20 expensive cars are presently parked at her Udenwa estate sprawling and expansive mansion. The group wonders how a common civil servant no matter how highly placed, could acquire such wealth unknown in history.

Effort to reach the former accountant general of Imo to comment on the allegation proved abortive as she neither took her calls nor reply text message sent to her.