A personal Assistant to a house of Reps-Member elect(Namewithheld) has been cooling his heels in EFCC cell for some days now, where he has been helping the Anti Graft Commission to investigate the spurious award of contracts running into a total of N15 billion, allegedly deposited in his personal bank account.

A government house source claims that the said Aide was a mere proxy a top government official now a House of Reps member elect from Orlu zone.

The contracts were however split into various sums of money and the sum of a whopping N15 billion already paid into his bank account without any evidence of contracts executed.

It was the cash deposit that raised eyebrows that alerted EFCC. Before acting based on the tip-off from eagle eyed bank officials, who suspect the cash to be product of illicit deals, EFCC secured an order with which the suspect was arrested and detained for a number of days before rescue his way.

It is expected that any moment from now, he would be arraigned in court on charges of fraudulently obtaining and keeping monies which are proceeds of unlawfully transactions. In the event, he does not prove how he earned such monies or which contracts he executed or intend to execute to warrant the payment of such huge sum as N15 billion into his account, he stands or runs the risks of forfeiting the amount to the federal government. It would be recalled that his boss, Okorocha on the eve of the governorship election forfeited N5.2 billion to EFCC, which he now claims to have saved as pension for the retirees, whose arrears he has delayed for several years.

Meanwhile, following the strong intervention of the duo of thw immidiate past governor and the house of Representative member-elect, who is basking in the euphoria of his recent election victory into the Federal House of Representatives the suspect was surprisingly granted bail by the EFCC officials at Enugu.

Watchdog Newspaper reporters were able to discover that in the course of hiding some of the allegedly looted public funds, being traced and recovered by the EFCC, Governor as alleged had through the suspect diverted, or siphon some of the funds, claiming that it is the cost of various contracts earmarked to be executed by the outgoing government.

Luck however ran out on them when those who were privy to the alleged financial scam alerted EFCC who quickly ambushed the suspect and drilled him for several days before he was released on bail.