A one time Commissioner of Finance in Imo state during the Military regime, a well known Economist and veritable resource person, Hon. Chris Asoluka, has given reasons why he may not be willing to serve in yet to be formed Ihedioha’s cabinet, thus giving an end to speculations and online media report purporting that he has been re-appointed as Commissioner for Finance, barely twenty five years he served the state in that capacity. It is a welcome development that he is one who believes that “the young must grow”.

In a press release issued by him, yesterday,Hon Chris Asoluka, believed to be a strong and patriotic Imolite contended that he had mentored numerous young men and women, “who are extremely gifted and ready to serve their people, in order to reclaim their future which they have severally talked, sung and dreamt about”.

He disclosed that though “it is an honour to serve my people”, he is under pressure to officially put an end to that speculation, adding that, he was amused that after serving the state in that capacity more than 25 years ago, someone is still anticipating that he should be re-appointed. He then queried “does it mean that our young people are not growing or must they lose hope and faith in themselves?”

He averred that, having had the chance to serve the state as a Commissioner in his mid-thirties, the young ones should be allowed to grow and as well deserve to be given a chance to exhibit their potentials in the service and growth of Imo state.

He however stated that, for the love and abiding faith in Imo, he is always available when genuinely invited by credible leaders, such as the Ihedioha government to offer whatever support and solution by way of advice and consultancy in the “Rebuild Imo project”.

He reiterated his long time belief that “it is not only when one gets appointed or elected into office that he or she can be useful to his people and to put it straight, he concluded “I am not hoping and cannot accept to be a Commissioner any more”.