Hon. Barr. Kingsley Uju Chima, member representing Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta and Oru West Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, has reacted angrily to a recent publication by a faceless group which goes by the name, “Council of Women’s Right”, purporting to have written to the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, demanding for his suspension and seeking for his recall from the green chambers of the National Assembly, Abuja.

In a swift reaction through his SA (Media) on Constituent Affairs, Comrade Emma Onwuegbu, the federal legislator described those behind the treacherous campaign of calumny and orchestrated character assassination by his detractors and political opponents, as “some idle individuals flying around on social media platforms”. “A curious listener had no qualms detecting that such stories were false, fabricated and implausible”, he stated, and went ahead to liken them to the folklore moonlight tales of old, which were created by some clever men to keep themselves busy and to engage the attention of the unsuspecting little ones who they by such stories, force to sleep in order to deter them from moving out and engaging in some other funny juvenile delinquent activities.

He then raised a poser for the purveyors of the falsehood purported letter of suspension and move to recall him on whether they really understood the meaning and procedures for recalling a legislator. He also took a swipe at the latest publication which he observed was repeated word for word as in a previous edition, implying that, it was the hand work of fifth columnists.

“As for the letter allegedly written by the so called Society for Women’s Rights (which we are yet to see though), a close look at the report reveals enormous regrets, disappointments and gnashing of teeth that have become the lots of those that Uju defeated in the House of Reps election. Otherwise, why would a reasonable person veer off the discourse on the table and start talking about Uju’s supposed activities as a former appointee of the immediate past government in the State? One can now see where their frustrations are coming from.

What we find difficult to understand though, is why some people delight in reducing themselves to such low level of reasoning. Or do they not realize that the social and political audience in Imo State and Nigeria are made up of highly intelligent personalities that have made, and are still making indelible marks on the sands of their chosen fields of expertise.

Those behind the referenced report failed to remember that they should have at least quoted a name or two as signatories to the said letter. They should also have known that the quoted organization (where such exists) should at least have a legal adviser who should have educated them on how not to approach a matter that is already in court, and should also have told them that they are not INEC that is concerned with signatories for the recall of an elected office holder.

In all honesty, those folktales are not worth the time and energy being accorded them here, but we have decided to make this release for the benefit of some of our people who may be tempted to take them seriously. Meanwhile, let Trumpeta and their allies go home, rejoice, and glory in the fact that we have dignified them with a response”, he concluded.