Hon Ugochukwu Osuji

Ugochukwu Osuji Under Pressure To Contest Mbaitoli State Constituency Seat

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A group known as Mbaitoli Consultative Assembly MCA has mounted pressure on Hon Ugochukwu Osuji to contest for the Mbaitoli State Constituency Seat.

MCA a group comprising political heavyweights and Stakeholders in Mbaitoli Local Government, across all the geopolitical 12 INEC wards, after extensive deliberation in a meeting attended by many political leaders and stakeholders including Barr Maxwell Eze, who is the leader of the forum, on Sunday resolved to call on Balugo to contest the election.

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While expressing their satisfaction for honourable Osuji’s leadership qualities, they urged him to present himself for the office.

The president general of the forum, Barr Eze further stated that it would be disservice to the people of Mbaitoli if Chief Osuji refused to heed their call.

According to them: “we, as a group collectively, after consultation, are calling on Ugochukwu Osuji, popular known as Balugo to present himself to run for Imo State House Of Assembly. 

“We are compelling him to make himself available to represent the interest of Mbaitoli in the Imo State House of Assembly by 2023, because Mbaitoli people needs a man of his status to change the narrative. 

“Mbaitoli  need a courageous,youthful and outspoken grassroots leader for a quality representation in the State House, In balugo we see every qualification. In him we see embodiment of a true patriotic Mbaitoli.

“We are therefore pleased with him, urge and also compel him because it is a call to service, it will be a disservice to the Constituency if he refuses to present himself for the position because we have looked all round, he is the most qualified for the position.”


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