Says Uzodinma leading by propaganda

The opposition has once described the present administration of Hope Uzodinma as the worst since the creation of Imo state in 1976 without any deliberate policy trust or agenda after 100 days that leads by daily propaganda and a state in motion without movement.    

Speaking on the 100 days in office of the Hope Uzodinma administration, the State Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nze Ray Emeana, observed that by 100 days in office the Ihedioha government had marshaled out its policy thrust and set agenda which included the TSA policy and rural road reconstructing and water development projects and some other projects also describing as “a scam” the idea of appointing political aides without portfolios.

He stated that for a cover-up of its lack of direction, the administration of Hope Uzodinma embarks on leading by propaganda as it wakes up each day only to tell Imo people “Ihedioha said or did this or Ihedioha did not do this”. 

Reacting to the claim by the political appointees that they have not been pay-rolled, Nze Emeana queried, “how can you appoint people without letters of appointment or paying them. Is it not a scam? Adding that these political appointees will however earn their salaries in full from the day they were sworn-in whether they work or not, assigned with portfolio or not.

“The only programme embarked upon by the administration so far has been to institute a total lockdown of the state day and night without paying workers and pensioners salaries and the establishment of isolation centres after loud shouts from the opposition, adding that the state boasts of no index case of Coronavirus because the state lacks testing kits and centre hence there is no sample test or means of identifying a victim”, he stated.

Emeana contended that this is the only state in the country where there is a complete lockdown day and night without any sort of relief or palliative for the citizenry. He condemned the idea of curfew and using military men to brutalize the citizenry adding that what is appropriate is to police Imo’s porous borders.