The Special Adviser to the Governor of Imo State, Okenze Blyden Amajirionwu has once more descended heavily on the sacked Imo Governor, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.

Writing under the caption, “Imo PDP, a failed political party with a forclosed future”, Okenze Amajirionwu described Emeka Ihedioha’s short-lived mandate as infamous, notorious and shamefully stolen. 

For instance, Amajirionwu stated that the often claimed and taunted due process of the ill-fated Ihedioha’s Rebuild Imo administration was a total hoax and accused the ousted administration of devising an emergency situation or window to unilaterally and without any reference to the procurement act, mobilized “arrangee contractors” to road construction sites in a bid to extort huge sums of money from them. This development he said bled Imo treasury by as much as N5 billion which Ihedioha is yet to refund.

Amajirionwu also revealed that each of the unsuspecting contractors of Imo State origin who showed or expressed interest in bidding for IMSUBEB contracts were hoodwinked into parting with as much as N161000 for registration as IMSUBEB contractors and another N10,000 for the purchase of each bid form only for the entire 2000 applicants to be jettisoned for top political appointees of Ihedioha who were given the entire contracts, in what was a pay as you go affair and rip-off to the tune of N3.5 million from a contract value of N16 million only. He claimed also that the sacked Governor Emeka Ihedioha was the sole contractor for the roofing of all the classroom blocks awarded during his seven months old tenure.

Another area Okenze Amajirionwu observed to be a conduit pipe for fleecing public funds by was the award of contracts for the construction of mini stadia and council secretariats across the 27 LGAs, through the use of a consulting firm who acted as a middle man between the Governor and the T.C Chairmen. 

He noted that monies allegedly embezzled by Emeka Ihedioha’s government from Imo State public treasury were immediately applied into the resumption of construction of gigantic mansions at the ex-governors Arunta Mbutu hometown, Civic Centre Owerri, Asokoro and Maitama Abuja, barely few weeks after his swearing-in ceremony.

Turning to the Imo PDP as a party and its state secretary, Nze Ray Emeana, the former Imo State PDP Publicity Secretary, Okenze Blyden Amajirionwu, said PDP is now a failed party. He deduced that Imo PDP as an opposition party has lost grip of the management of its secretariat adding that a party that is currently in disunity and experiencing betrayal from party faithful occasioned by mass exodus of its members by the day cannot lay claim to any credit.

“My brother Ray Emeana, don’t you think those you are usurping their right and positions in the party might be behind this sinister move? The position of secretary and Chairman in any organization is explicit and well defined. Each know (SIC) their limits and job description. I advise you have a rethink”, he counseled. 

On the scathing remarks that Governor Uzodinma is a Supreme Court Governor and an anti-democrat or despot as alleged by one Ambrose Nwogwugwu of PDP, Amajirionwu stated, “I wish to advise Nwaogwugwu to be civil while he goes about his media hatchet job. He might not know the political party he feels he is impressing at the moment. When the legal consequences of his actions will resume, he will realize that nobody is watching his back. From experience, Imo PDP sacrifices her best at the slightest moment of trial. I don’t wish to dwell much concerning Nwaogwugwu but to assure him that we will take up as many legal matters as possible against him once he derails from constructive criticism and opposition. Henceforth, any libelous publication from him must be challenged legally”.