Insists Salary  not paid-likens majority of lawmakers as horrible,not honorable members

Hon Barr Anyadike Nwosu, the Minority Leader and representative of Ezinihitte Mbaise state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly has expressed dismay at the attitude and conduct of some of his fellow legislators who he described as sycophants “who have derailed from the noble assignment for which they were elected by their constituents and joined the praise and worship choir for pecuniary benefits”.

He also berated the leadership of the Assembly for engaging in double standard and lacking the boldness and courage to demand that the legislature gets the necessary wherewithal to be alive to it’s duties and perform it’s constitutional role without fear or favour.

Hon Anyandike, in a telephone interview with our reporter described the denial of reports on page 2 of the Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper publication of 26th June, 2020, by the leadership of the Assembly, as the height of sycophancy, double standard and playing to the gallery for selfish reasons.

This, according to him, negates the expectations of their constituents who see them as beacons of light and hope who will always tell them the truth at all times and in all situations.

He maintained that contrary to denials by the leadership of the Assembly, the legislators are still being owed salaries and allowances, hence some of those that tested negative to Covid-19 don’t have money to treat themselves, what more, members of their families and aides. “They have been abandoned to their fate to languish and agonize without money to treat themselves, yet, they lack the courage and boldness to say the truth the way it is”.

I own up every word I said and will under no circumstance, retract it because, it is absolutely the truth. “Members of Imo State House of Assembly are being subjected to hardship and lack, arising from non-payment of their salaries and allowances as reported in Watchdog Newspaper. That is the true position”, he posited.