Hon Obinna Okwara, who represents Nkwerre state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, has advised the Commissioner for Transport in the state, Rex Anunobi (Sokom), who he accused of having an exaggerated opinion of himself, to stop fanning the embers of animosity that will severe relationships for the Governor with unpleasant consequences.

Hon Okwara stated this while addressing the press on matters relating to the controversial creation of Nnanano Autonomous Community  and in reaction to a statement credited to the Commissioner for Transport, Rex Anunobi, that he, Okwara has no power to dabble into the matter.

Throwing more light on the creation of Nnanano Autonomous Community which has generated much controversy, Hon Okwara stated that, Nnanano Autonomous Community presently exists in the imagination of those who believe and thrive in abnormally because the request for autonomy by any community, starts with an application to the State House of Assembly that is statutorily empowered to receive and act on such requests based on the competence and ability of the communities in question to fulfill the laid down requirements.

He emphatically stated that the Commissioner for Transport “who claims to be a lawyer exhibited crass ignorance by stating that the non-existent Nnanano Autonomous Community was created by Executive order because, no law empowers the Executive to create any autonomous community that it’s request or demand was not initiated through the House of Assembly.

He also revealed that, towards the end of the Ikedi Ohakim administration, when the sixth Assembly was considering the creation of autonomous communities, “while the process was on, Hon Goodlock Opiah who was the Speaker, was impeached and replaced with Hon Amaechi Nwoha and within that short interval, the name of Ezeanorue that had been approved by Governor Ohakim was fraudulently erased and replaced with Nnanano, while all the villages listed underneath are in Ezeanoruo. However, Opiah went to court to challenge his unlawful removal from office and got judgement in his favour. The judgement quashed and nullified all actions, decisions and approvals of the Nwoha led Assembly, which also included the Nnanano issue”.

“Therefore, for the imaginary Nnanano Autonomous Community to see the light of day again, it has to be resurrected in the 9th Assembly for discussion to be commenced in line with the stipulated processes and procedure. Anything short of this, is null, void and of no effect. Besides, when Governor Okorocha assumed office, there was also a resolution of the House that discountenanced the 117 newly created autonomous communities, excluding only 35. Though Governor Okorocha did not heed the order”.

In view of this, anybody parading himself as the traditional ruler of Nnanano Autonomous Community is only trying to create tension and confusion in the community”.

He also posited that the present 9th Assembly recently amended law No 15 of 2016, which prescribes in section 44, the modus of creating an autonomous community which must be initiated in the state legislature with an application before the process of approval begins.

He also maintained that as, Member representing all the communities in Nkwerre local government area, he is not against granting autonomous status to any community but only insists that the right process and procedure be followed in line with the law.

Responding to a question, Hon Okwara said, “there is need for all concerned to tread with caution, and act like mature, reasonable and intelligent people to avert chaos, acrimony and avoidable tension in the interest of our peace loving people”.