The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have told President Muhammadu Buhari to allow Igbos call for a peaceful referendum to determine their fate in Nigeria.

IPOB lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, disclosed this on Saturday, May 30, 2020, while speaking with newsmen on the struggle and agitation for the independence of Biafra. He said it was obvious that the Eastern region had been relegated to the background and no longer part of Nigeria and the only option left is a peaceful settlement of their grievances through a referendum. 

Ejiofor said, “they believe that Igbo are not part of the system and the best thing for them to do now is for the government to allow Igbo to call for referendum. It is a process that is constitutionally backed by international conventions and laws.

We are no longer part and parcel of the system and it is high time for us to think home. Let us have our own house with unbiased process which is what Nnamdi Kanu advocated for”.

He blamed the Nigerian Government for failing to tender an apology that would have helped heal the wounds caused by the Civil War where Igbo were killed in large numbers, adding that “government owes our people apology. Government has not assuaged the feelings of the Igbo in the manner in which they were killed and slaughtered before, during and after the civil war. 

It is a matter of common knowledge that between 1967- 1970 we experienced mass murder (genocide) against Igbo which ugly development has continued unabated with the way our people are being treated”.

Barr Ejiofor insisted that the struggle would soon come to fruition now that Nnamdi Kanu had explored all diplomatic contacts to ensure a peaceful actualization of the project and reported thus “Biafra will be realized peacefully not violently and he (Nnamdi Kanu) has been marching toward that fact. He is not there for any political purpose. He is only motivated in the cause he believes in. It is glaring that we are not part of this system”.