The traditional ruler of Amawom Autonomous Community, Owerri Municipal Local Government Area of Imo State, His Royal Highness, Eze Peter Ezechikere Njamanze, has raised alarm and accused the popularly known Bob Njamanze as a non legitimate member of the royal family even as he insisted that he is from Cross Rivers State as against his claim of being an Imo State indigene.

His Royal Highness, Eze Peter Ezechikere Njamanze made this allegation through a protest letter he personally signed copy made available to our correspondent in Owerri the Imo State capital dated 4th June, 2020.

According to the traditional ruler, “I have a cousin widely and popularly known as “BOB NJEMANZE” or “BOB KAY NJEMANZE” or “BOBO NJEMANZE” but whose real identity and pedigree is “JOHN EKPE”. His father, “EKPE” hailed from Cross-Rivers State of Nigeria. “John Ekpe” (“Alias Bob Njemanze” or “Bob Kay Njemanze” or *Bobo Njemanze”) has an elder brother of the same parentage. Their mother, late “Mrs. Margret Njemanze” had them with EKPE before her marriage to “GODDY NJEMANZE”. His late mother brought him into the Njemanze family and he assumed the nickname “BOB NJEMANZE” which he has been using negatively to tarnish the image of my family – the Njemanze family”.

He alleged that because of the circumstances of his birth that their family (Njamanze) refused to give him (Bob Njamanze) land to build a residence which led him to acquire land in his maternal home, Egbu, where he now lives.

Eze Njamanze furthet alleged that “John Ekpe (Alias Bob Njemanze or Bob Kay Njemanze or Bobo Njemanze) has over the years, used his family name (Njemanze) to take undue advantage of various unsuspecting governments and people of Imo State”.

He accused him of allegedly using his family name to attract and appropriate underserved benefits and patronage from governments, corporate bodies and individuals, misrepresent the interests and yearnings of Owerre people and launder his pedigree, image, poor educational background, criminal propensity and generally improve the welfare and economic well-being of himself and his immediate family.

The monarch further alleged that he has used the family name (Njamanze) to defraud and commit heinous crimes against individual persons, governments and corporate bodies, insult, abuse, deceive, terrorize and obtain by false pretences from individuals, governments and corporate bodies.

Other allegations the traditional ruler raised include that he has equally used the family name to sow seeds of discord, cause confusion and create crisis situations with the sole aim of being a beneficiary. To make friends and penetrate into unsuspecting individuals, friends, families, corporate bodies and governments only to use such friends to destroy his benefactors.